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  • 71,30 €

    The Aneros Progasm is one of the largest members of the Aneros family to date. It features a newly designed round perineum tab and also boasts a Kundalini “K-Tab.” The “K-Tab” adds sensations up and down your back that are complementary to the sensations from the prostate. Larger Scale, But Fully Mobile Mobility is a key to success with our products,...

    71,30 €
  • 73,10 €

    PROGASM ICE Every Aneros Progasm Ice is a one-of-a-kind. The production process creates a unique air bubble, making each one unlike any other. The sleek design provides an intense prostate massage backed by our patented hands-free design.

    73,10 €
  • 73,00 €

    PROGASM BLACK ICEWith the looks of a black sports car and the feel of our popular Progasm Ice, our latest release is ready to race home to you. Our newest black Progasm has the same qualities as glass while remaining unbrakeable! Order today and be the first to have it in your “garage”!Made in the USA from FDA approved materials.

    73,00 €
  • 59,40 €

    MGX is medically researched and designed devices that work in harmony with your body's own movements.   Stimulates  the prostate and the perineum in a rhythmic motion that builds up to unprecedented male orgasms. MGX is easy to use and is fulfilling for both the beginner and the expert, with progressively rewarding exercises and experiences.

    59,40 €
  • 59,40 €

    The Aneros HELIX Stimulator allows men to self-administer a prostate massage comfortably and discreetly. Simply through anal kegel exercises, the Aneros's design utilizes a self-pivoting mechanism that stimulates the prostate internally and external via the perineum. This is done completely hands free, allowing a user freedom to explore the sensations in...

    59,40 €
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items