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  • 37,50 €

    This unique gag connects your playthings mouth to your balls while they are stretched! Wear it while you masturbate so they are forced to suck your scrotum, or just keep their face stuffed in your groin to remind them of their place! The stretcher will tug down on your balls while you wear it, creating pleasure sensations as you get closer and closer...

    37,50 €
  • 81,95 €

    Powerfully rhythmic vibration coupled with 10 orgasmic modes of sensation are yours with this darkly sexy vibe. Made of premium black silicone and powered by a wireless remote, it allows for complete control up to 25 feet away. Experience the different modes by pressing the power button and cycling through the different patterns of vibration until you...

    81,95 €
  • 86,30 €

    Plunge this massive, veiny dong into yourself or your partner for enormous satisfaction! This vibrating monster cock will buzz your brains out as it thrums deep in your body! With a mighty 9.5 inches of textured length, 4 intense vibration speeds, and 9 unique patterns of pulsation, you have plenty to work with! Take a grip on the handle and aim for...

    86,30 €
  • 25,40 €

    The Palm-Tec LX is the superior choice in palm strokers, designed for maximum gripping power and grand sensations. This impressive stroker features an ergonomically contoured exterior and a taut interior that is ribbed in the middle and nubbed at the entrance for the ultimate in masturbatory satisfaction. For your stroking pleasure the LX Vol 20 is made...

    25,40 €
  • 31,70 €

    Men can enjoy a bigger, thicker, longer lasting erection instantly, with no pills, creams, or devices! Simply slip this sheath over your own cock, hard or flaccid, and instantly enjoy your new pleasure rod. Lined internally with pleasure nubs, and featuring a semitransparent design to let your true self shine through, this realistic looking sheath is a...

    31,70 €
  • 52,45 €

    Your pulse will be racing when you first get a look at the Mighty Midnight 10 inch black dildo! For those who want to add some extra kink to their insertable collection, this massive, glossy black shaft is sure to intimidate your slave and keep them squirming in their tethers! The flexible TPR material allows Mighty Midnight to fit all your curves and the...

    52,45 €
  • 88,85 €

    This weighted puppy tail plug is a great way to know when your pup is happy. The end is weighted, so with a simple shake, the puppy tail will sway with excitement, just like the wagging of a real tail! When your puppy deserves a reward, simply use the wireless remote to send a wave of stimulating vibration deep into them. Cycle through 5 different...

    88,85 €
  • 31,05 € 51,75 € -40%

    The pulse and rhythm of this premium vibrating sound will certainly send him over the edge time and time again. Made of premium silicone so it bends within the body. This highly powerful piece sends a strong vibration through the tip straight into your playthings cock. Simply insert the sound and turn on the vibration. It is your domain... Measurements: 6...

    31,05 € 51,75 € -40%
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items