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  • 47,40 €

    Encase your hands in these soft supple unlined gloves that have a great fit and an amazing look. Made from thin soft Lamb leather that is form fitting and has an exterior touch that will drive your boy crazy. Complete that leather look with these gloves. 3 Sizes: S - M - L

    47,40 €
  • 340,00 €

    These aren’t just for Boxers… they’re for every fun loving pup out there. For our K9 Padded Pup Mitts we took our inspiration from boxing gloves. Our speed lacing system lets you cinch these down quickly for a perfect fit. Velcro at the end of the lacing allows you to hide it in the velcro around the wrist so it doesn’t get in the way during pup play....

    340,00 €
  • 340,00 €

    THE NEW LEATHER REALISTIC PUPPY HOOD BY MISTER S LEATHER Tails are going to start wagging. Our Puppy Department has been hard at work and the K9 Leather Puppy Hood is the treat of their labor. Our goal was to make an even more fun and realistic puppy hood. We’ve re-designed the overall shape and made the eye holes larger and more pronounced so your...

    340,00 €
  • 190,00 €

    For the Dark Room Bulldog Harness we wanted to keep true to our classic Bulldog Design but amp up the sex factor. Made from garment leather which feels great from the moment you put it on. Available in either all black or 3 different fun, kinky colors. All black hardware and rivets keeps everything sleek and will work with your existing gear. Buckles...

    190,00 €
  • 10,00 €

    Grab one of our replacement tongues for our Leather and Neoprene Woof! Muzzles and show off your own unique puppy style. These tongues attach to any of our WOOF! Muzzles that have a Velcro attachment. Tongues are machine washable so you can share your muzzle with another fun loving pup. Colours: Yellow & Red

    10,00 €
  • 210,00 €

    This heavy duty apron screams fucking sex! Created from one single hide of leather, this soft garment leather apron gives you a sexy, let me do dirty things to you look. All you need is this apron and a pair of boots for a fucking fun night out.  Two black zippers open the sailor front flap so you have access to your cock at a moment’s notice. The two...

    210,00 €
  • 76,00 €

    A jock and boots is a look you can never go wrong with. Unfortunately up until now it usually meant you needed to stuff your socks full with everything you needed for the night. Totally functional, but not the best look. Now, with our Jock Holster Harness you’ve got a place for everything you need.  This leather harness clips to your jock waistband and...

    76,00 €
  • 75,00 €

    Seems like all the hot guys at IML, Dore and Folsom have the same problem: What do you do with your phone, ID , credit cards and cash when you’re in the tight gear that gets us off. When you buy gear, you want your chest, ass and crotch on display. No one wants a bulge that’s not supposed to be there. Now you can get the solution we’ve been wearing around...

    75,00 €
  • 89,00 €

    Afraid you’ll have trouble holding those stainless steel plugs in? This leather butt plug harness will make sure everything stays firmly in place. The slightly higher waistband on this means a comfortable fit with your pants waistband. Works with a number of plugs. This is a great option for keeping things in place for long-term wear

    89,00 €
  • 89,00 €

    These soft Garment Black Leather suspenders work with just about any pair of pants you might own. Jeans, Camos or Leather. They are 1 and 1/4 inches wide and very adjustable and have trigger snaps to connect to your belt loops. We have sold the narrow garment leather suspenders for many years and have now added these wider ones for a bolder look.  Made...

    89,00 €
  • 62,00 €

    Show off your puppy pride with our new Paw Gauntlet. The puppy paw cutout with color leather underneath will show everyone what a happy pup you are. Four colors to choose from so you can let everyone see your unique puppy personality. 3 ½ inch wide garment leather with a single row of snaps. Comes in either a left or right version. Designed to be worn...

    62,00 €
  • 275,00 €

    Pups get lost in their headspace. The romping around on all fours, nipping, biting and slobbering makes them forget they are human at all. It’s what makes us love playing with them. Help them out with our Leather Puppy Hood. From the moment you put it on your favorite dog/pup, he is going to make a beeline for the nearest boot to hump. Let puppy look into...

    275,00 €
  • 36,00 €

    LEATHER SHORT LEASH BY MISTER SThere’s a hundred uses for this short leash. It works just as well with a harness (front or back), bondage collar, jeans – or as we discovered – it even makes a great ass slapper. Totally simple yet amazingly effective. Perfect for walking your boy through big crowds and busy bars.

    36,00 €
  • 199,00 €

    Strong, masculine and designed to make you look good. We took the hottest elements from two of our best-selling harnesses and combined them into the uber sexy Crossbow Harness. Now with all black hardware for a sleek look.  Side straps clip to your belt loops with trigger snaps giving you a sexy V-shape. Pump up the hot factor by getting the additional...

    199,00 €
  • 95,00 €

    You’re naked in the dark room so where do you stash your necessities? With our Dark Room Leg Harness you’ve got the perfect place to stash your phone, cash and most importantly lube. Sits on the thigh and attaches via two buckles. Not only is it functional but it’s fucking sexy as well. This leather Leg Harness has two pockets. One has a button...

    95,00 €
Showing 1 - 15 of 38 items