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  • 49,00 € 89,90 €

    665 neoprene harness has no snaps or buckles all you need to do is stretch it to put is on Made from neoprene three times thicker than our neoprene chaps

    49,00 € 89,90 €
    Reduced price!
  • 139,00 €

    Be the sex soldier we know you are! Neoprene Spartan Tri-Color Harness will have you ready to take on all the big muscled warriors in your path. The nylon binding perfectly matches all of Mr. S Logo sports gear so you can create a super sexy complete look. This harness is strong, masculine and designed to make you look good. Side straps clip to your...

    139,00 €
  • 159,00 €

    Simple, comfortable and unique! Backpack Leather Harness leaves your chest fully exposed! It has a minimal front design with two simple straps that wrap around your shoulders. Adjustable straps on the front connecting to two D-rings in the back give this harness its signature look. Leather Color: Black 2 Metal Colors: Silver & Gold 3 Sizes: S - M...

    159,00 €
  • 249,00 €

    EROTICUS  design sits on your left shoulder, comes down your chest without covering you nipple and has a strap that goes under your right arm. With it's asymmetrical design, this harness accentuates your chest, leaving both nipples exposed.Total Gladiator look...Fantastic for fetish, leather & underwear parties Fully adjustable via two buckles....

    249,00 €
  • 99,00 €

    NOW WITH A TWIST! Bulldog Extreme Neoprene Harness sits above your chest with a cross strap and two rings. The back also has two rings giving it a bold look! Snaps in the front and back make this harness easy to take on and off. Stretches for added comfort and holds perfectly to your body shape. The New BULLDOG EXTREME Neoprene Harness has two...

    99,00 €
  • 235,00 €

    Always look ready for action in our best selling Bulldog Harness. Made with metal hardware and snug yet sturdy leather, our Bulldog will stand up to any feat, be it wearing around town, or when he pulls you deeper. The Harness sits above your chest with two circle rings for extra versatility. The Bulldogs 4 front and 2 back buckles provide a...

    235,00 €
  • 88,00 €

    This Neoprene Bulldog Harness sits above your chest with an across strap and two rings. The back also has two rings giving it a bold look! Snaps in the front and back make this harness easy to take on and off. Stretches for added comfort and a proper fit.  3 Colors: Black - Blue - Red 4 Sizes: S - M - L -XL

    88,00 €
  • 76,00 €

    Plow into your next Rough Trade Gear adventure with our new Bulldog Trek Nylon Harness! A fucking sexy new take on our best-selling harness, Bulldog. The extremely durable straps are made of high density nylon. The shoulder straps and under-chest straps attach on the front with plenty of adjustment snaps to give you that perfect fit. The adjustment snaps...

    76,00 €
  • 32,00 €

    Make sure that tail stays put with our new Puppy Tail Adapter... it fits right into our Butt Plug Harness and keeps your tail firmly in place. If you have a non-locking harness, this will snap right in or buy a new harness with the adapter.  Color: Black 2 Sizes: S: suitable for XS and S L: suitable for XL and L

    32,00 €
  • 190,00 €

    For the Dark Room Bulldog Harness we wanted to keep true to our classic Bulldog Design but amp up the sex factor. Made from garment leather which feels great from the moment you put it on. Available in either all black or 3 different fun, kinky colors. All black hardware and rivets keeps everything sleek and will work with your existing gear. Buckles...

    190,00 €
  • 135,00 €

    Our Neoprene Crossbow Body Harness takes all the amazing design elements from our leather version but in a soft, stretchy neoprene with bright nylon banding that will feel great against your body and look amazing across the crowded room. The nylon binding perfectly matches all of our Mr. S Logo sports gear so you can create a super sexy complete look....

    135,00 €
  • 76,00 €

    A jock and boots is a look you can never go wrong with. Unfortunately up until now it usually meant you needed to stuff your socks full with everything you needed for the night. Totally functional, but not the best look. Now, with our Jock Holster Harness you’ve got a place for everything you need.  This leather harness clips to your jock waistband and...

    76,00 €
  • 75,00 €

    Seems like all the hot guys at IML, Dore and Folsom have the same problem: What do you do with your phone, ID , credit cards and cash when you’re in the tight gear that gets us off. When you buy gear, you want your chest, ass and crotch on display. No one wants a bulge that’s not supposed to be there. Now you can get the solution we’ve been wearing around...

    75,00 €
  • 89,00 €

    Afraid you’ll have trouble holding those stainless steel plugs in? This leather butt plug harness will make sure everything stays firmly in place. The slightly higher waistband on this means a comfortable fit with your pants waistband. Works with a number of plugs. This is a great option for keeping things in place for long-term wear

    89,00 €
  • 48,00 €

    Walking around with a plug up your ass and a smile on your face or as every pull on your cock gives you a nice tug in your ass – yeah it feels good! The Neoprene Butt Plug Harness will have you feeling great and sporting wood.  A new take on one of our most tried and true designs, the Neoprene Butt Plug Harness keeps your hole plugged securely. The...

    48,00 €
Showing 1 - 15 of 46 items