OXBALLS makes a lot of cockrings…and we get a lot of email asking how each one fits, how much they will stretch…we all wear em here in the warehouse, some of us keep our junk ringed all day…and night…maybe we make too many different designs?

But look at all the sizes and shapes of dicks out there, fat dicks with huge low-hangers…short dicks with high & tight ballsacks…skinny, long, bent dicks…monster meat with super-fat bases and small narrow heads…gnarly veiny dicks with tiny little balls…

We did some calculations, counting just the 5 guys that work in the warehouse, we figure they have been up close with more than 16,000 different guys junk…and if you add in Ox’s personal penile experiences, the numbers skew so far off the chart, our PowerPoint penis presentation crashed the computer.

Every guy likes a different fit for his cockring…at shows and events we are always happy to assist horny fuckers try on different cockrings til one fits just right…but online is a bit harder…so we try our best to describe the fit and feel of each design.

For example, If you dig a tight but very stretchy fit, try SCREWBALLS…if you like a ring for long wear, try MECHANIC…if you’re a pumper try THOR-5 or THOR-6…and all the different versions of COCKSLINGS have so much stretch, they fit most everybody, and look sick hot…

Where does this design fit in?  POWERBALLS is designed for long wear…like a night at the EAGLE under your gear…all-night sex parties…at the office in your cubicle, under boxers and a business suit…nothing hotter than pushing out your junk in a suit, making that bitchy receptionist drool and catching the eye of the UPS guy…never hurts to show off a bit…

And it won’t hurt in this cockring…this one is perfect for long wear…it is made from our exclusive TECH-TRP rubber, it has so much stretch  you can wear it all fuckin day…nothing like walking around with a half-chub bouncing around in your jock…

The 2 “balls” on the ring, positioned under your nuttsack, keeps the pressure off your taint…or flip it around so the balls are on top of your meat and the extra pressure right over all the feeder veins on your dick will help keep you extra hard…

OXBALLS…where sucking dick IS market research.


Made in USA…design copyright OXBALLS  

Tech TPR

Lube safe:  water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes

Cleaning:  detergent and warm water after use.


Stats (inches/cm):

Total Height:  ¾”/19mm

Total Outside Diameter:  2.8”/54mm

Max Stretched Inside Diameter: 9”/23cm

15,75 € tax incl.

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For your cock and ballsCOCKRINGS


OXBALLS makes a lot of cockrings…and we get a lot of email asking how each one fits, how much they will stretch…we all wear em here in the...

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