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  • 34,90 €

    NEW From OXBALLS...PUPPY silicone cockring...super soft, stretchy pure platinum silicone..."wag your fuckin tail, Fido!" Wear it discretely under your balls...or face it backwards, shove a pup-tail in your hole and get on all fours like a good pup should...nuthin' a pup-owner likes more than to look down and see his dog wagging his tail..showing off that...

    34,90 €
  • 26,90 €

    BONER is a pure silicone cockring that’s the perfect way to show your puppy pride…and show off your rock hard meat… Soft, squishy silicone wraps tight around your junk to push out and plump your pup-package. The outside of BONER is covered in adorable puppy designs and even has a bone-shaped dog tag on the front. Best of all, BONER matches our BLACK...

    26,90 €
  • 34,90 €

    For puppy's players! SCRAPPY is a super squishy silicone cockring that lets you unleash your inner pup while sportin’ a stiff beefy bone. SCRAPPY has a soft rubbery snout and playful tongue lollin’ out…this bad puppy will bloat your meat and push your balls up n’ out for a package that will have everyone at your next mosh drooling. SCRAPPY is made from...

    34,90 €
  • 19,95 €

    Whether it’s for the sensation or just a little bit of oomph, cockrings are the perfect touch for enhancing what you’re working with...well, at Oxballs, we always say go big or go home... Introducing our newest bulge bulkin’ cockring, MEAT.  MEAT’s blubbery shape and thick padded lip are designed to push your junk up n’ away from your body making your...

    19,95 €
  • 23,00 €

    Variety is the spice of life and at Oxballs, we love introducing new nasty ways to play. 360 is our new two in one cockring and ballsling that’ll beef up your meat and have you blowin’ load after load.  If you’re a fan of our blubbery cockrings like HUNG or JUICY, you’re gonna love 360’s super soft, squishy design. The bottom has a thick rubbery base...

    23,00 €
  • 49,80 € 53,50 €

    Just like the original, SACKSLING 2 has a built-in COCKSLING morphed onto a slick, stretchy sack for your balls...guaranteed your nuts have never experienced anything like this… Wear it to for a hot n’ heavy fuck session or under your gear for a thick, meaty bulge... Slick it up inside and out with lube, put your meat through the front hole and drop...

    49,80 € 53,50 €
    Reduced price!
  • 84,00 €

    TAILPIPE is everything you love about the COCK-LOCK but with a smooth built-in ergonomic buttplug.  The blubbery pucker stuffer is built for comfort and the nifty asslock design helps keep the cockcage firm on your junk for extended chastity fun...the opening on the built-in COCK-LOCK means you can even piss in it... TAILPIPE is made from our signature...

    84,00 €
  • 33,10 €

    GRIPS ALUMINIUM & RUBBER COCKRING BY BALLISTIC METAL Always been searching for that perfect cockring?  Well here it is.  The GRIPZ cockring features textured rubber embeded into the ring for a completely unique feel in your hand and a look thats absolutly incredible!  The overall width of the ring is 1/2".  Made from aerospace grade solid billet...

    33,10 €
  • 19,90 €

    EXCALIBUR DONUT COCKRING BY BALLISTIC METAL approx 3/4" wide.  Made from aerospace grade solid billet aluminum.  Available in 3 different inside diameters. Made in USA

    19,90 €
  • 14,20 €

    SHAFT ALUMINIUM WIDE COCKRING BY BALLISTIC METAL These rings are designed to be worn around the penis shaft or just behind the head of the penis, unlike a traditional cock ring that is worn around the cock & balls.   These can be worn on a soft or hard penis depending on the inside diameter chosen These rings are available in 2 different diameters. M:...

    14,20 €
  • 14,50 €

    The new OXBALLS'S cockring, in pack of 2! You asked for it and we delivered…introducing the new n’ improved model of OXBALLS best-selling POWERBALLS cockring, ULTRABALLS. ULTRABALLS is everything you loved about the original POWERBALLS design but stretchier, rubberier and even more bang for your buck. ULTRABALLS is made from OXBALLS signature FLEX-TPR...

    14,50 €
  • 52,50 €

    If you’re a fan of our best-selling SACKSLING but have a high n’ tight sack or like more grip on your goods…then you’re gonna love our new design, NUTTER.  NUTTER is a veiny, fleshy sack that’s made to encase your balls and plump up your package. Think SACKSLING but with blubberier material and a tighter, more realistic nutsack design. NUTTER is made...

    52,50 €
  • 8,30 €

    Set of 3 cockrings in graduated sizes Use the smallest, tightest-fitting ring to constrict blood flow Switch to the medium size ring for a less intense fit Wrap the largest ring around the scrotum to delay ejaculation Use individually or all at once for ultimate control 100% Silicone Colours: Black or Orange Control Rings Diameters: SMALL:1.25" /...

    8,30 €
  • 29,70 €

    This isn’t your ordinary run of the mill cockring. Made from a slick, feel good, no hair grabbing silicone that you’re going to love cradling your rock hard cock. There’s a good bit of stretch which makes getting it on pretty easy. A great cockring for wearing every fucking day!  Available in 2 colors: Black & Blue GlowThis product is...

    29,70 €
  • 21,00 €

    This beefy cock ring is made of 100% soft touch silicone. The Brawn is made for comfort and durability with a soft feel and non-roll design. Its’ thick girth ensures a more powerful erection. The 3X stretch allows for 1 size to be used over cock, balls or both.   Size Inner Diameter is 1.75 inches (44.5 mm) Outer Diameter is 2.5 inches (63.5 mm)  100%...

    21,00 €
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