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  • 78,75 €

    "ZE-MAGBALL" The original and only one, made out of surgical stainless steel and NOT in cheap chromed lead metal made in Pakistan. 100% Made in Germany, exclusivity Dark-Ink. Once you get the hang of more pinching, and endless screwing. And no worries, the magnet is damn strong, so once it's in place, it's not going anywhere. FOR NEW...

    78,75 €
  • 22,60 €

    The Muscle Ball Stretcher by Sport Fucker is by far the most comfortable Silicone BallStretcher on the market! What makes the Muscle Ball Strecher by Sport Fucker so comfortable? First the design. It's nice and thick, adding a good amount of weight to your sack, without a constant pain you may have with metal ball weights. But more importantly is...

    22,60 €
  • 13,20 €

    HOIST: TPR/TPE cockring & Ballstretcher 2 Toys in one! Wraps around just the base of your dick and the top of your ballsack, no extra thick rings or chunky made from a all new TPR/TPE blend that's stretches more and it feels more rubbery...HOIST fits big or slim dicks, it fits huge balls or high & tight nut-sacks... Colors: Clear & Smoke...

    13,20 €
  • 48,25 € 58,25 €

    The Amour tug improved with an extension. The butt plug is attached to the cock ring for extra pleasure. Super separation of the penis and scrotum while giving a bigger lift. Made from PF Blend (Silicone and TPR) for perfect stretch, comfort and durability. 2 Sizes: Small & Large Small: Ring diameter: 38mm Plug Diameter: 27mm Large: Ring diameter:...

    48,25 € 58,25 €
    Reduced price!
  • 19,90 €

    3-WAY BY SPORTFUCKER The 3-Way by Sport Fucker is extremely versatile.Use it as a 3-Way cock, ball and shaft ring. Use it as a cockring with ball stretcher. Use it as an asslock, perfectly paired with our ball plug as shown. Made from super stretchy TPR rubber.

    19,90 €
  • 11,95 €

    The Slinger Ring by Sport Fucker is both a ball stretcher and a cock ring. It has a large footprint without a lot of mass. That means more stretch and flexibility for the well endowed male. 100% Super stretchy TRP rubber When used as a ball stretcher, made to fit guys with large balls Colours: Black - Red - Clear

    11,95 €
  • 52,00 €

    "ZE-DON" STAINLES STEEL MAGNETIC BALLSTRETCHER/COCKRING Get in and out within 2 seconds, no keys , stack them and enjoy ..they are so comfortable and  articulate when worn . 100% Made in Germany Avoid solvants or water, use only alcohol to clean magnets area. 4 inner Diametersround magnetic ballstretcher 36 mm/1,42''inner circumference...

    52,00 €
  • 27,10 €

    PUP BALLS BY OXBALLS Whether you’re a sweet playful pup or a snarlin’ leg humpin’ horndawg, PUP BALLS is the best of both worlds for all you dog-boys. PUP BALLS is a soft n’ super squishy ballstretcher modeled after a studded collar. It’s made from our signature Pure Platinum grade silicone so it’s fleshy n’ stretchy…great for comfortable wear and use...

    27,10 €
  • 32,80 €

    The Armour Split is a newer version of the Armour Tug Which has a revolutionary anatomical shape that hugs your torso and pushes your gear out entirely from your body. The Armour Split has an additional strap on the bottom that separates your balls and pushes them out for even more separation. Made of PFBlend a proprietary blend of Silicone and TPR...

    32,80 €
  • 32,90 €

     BULL BAG STANDAR A new smaller version that fits the everyday guy. Part ball stretcher and part ball weight, the Bull Bag is two scrotum toys in one! Simply stretch the opening on the top of the Bull Bag and gently release over your entire scrotum. Gives users the feeling of having a bigger scrotum. Made of PF Blend a proprietary...

    32,90 €
  • 28,10 €
  • 23,50 €

    BALLSTRETCHER PLAIN BULK LEATHER  ajustable diameter : 32 mm it comes in 2 widths :  - 50mm / 3 snaps  - 30mm / 2 snaps

    23,50 €
  • 19,50 €

    BALLSTRETCHER PLAIN BULK LEATHER  30 MM ajustable smallest diameter : 31 mm largest diameter : 37 mm it comes in 2 widths :  - 50mm / 3 snaps  - 30mm / 2 snaps

    19,50 €
  • 26,50 €

    Advanced Search GRINDER ballstretcher is made of heavy thick rubbery silicone…the heaviest and softest ballstretcher we make…the extra weight helps your nuts hang low…but this fucker is so soft and squishy your balls aren’t gonna feel too much squeeze… We made this bad-boy thicker in the middle to push your balls down low, the “thicker” middle keeps...

    26,50 €
  • 30,65 €

    BULL BAG by PERFECT FIT    Black or TransparentWrap your balls in this velvety soft and super stretchy Bull Bag. Incredibly warm soft and  comfortable, make your bulge looks even biggerFrom Perfect Fit, giving them that extra mile in size. One size fits all.

    30,65 €
Showing 1 - 15 of 60 items