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  • 48,25 € 58,25 €

    The butt plug is attached to the cockring for extra pleasure. Super separation of the penis and scrotum while giving a bigger lift. Made from PF Blend (Silicone and TPR) for perfect stretch, comfort and durability. 2 Sizes:Small, black only: Ring diameter: 38mm Plug Diameter: 27mmLarge, black or clear: Ring diameter: 38mm Plug Diameter: 45mm

    48,25 € 58,25 €
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  • 59,90 €

    We have taken our best selling Butt Plug harness from leather and made some slight changes for neoprene. The result is one of the most comfortable long term wear butt plug harness.Complete with Butt plug adapter. Can hold a butt plug that has up to a 2-1/2 base. Wear your  TACKLE , MAUL  buttplugs as long as you wish  !! Butt Plug Not Included

    59,90 €
  • 87,00 €

    BLASTER is a hollow silicone buttplug with an attached cockring that keeps your butt stuffed full and your cock hard n’ drippin... Once the thick rocket shaped head of BLASTER slides passed your pucker…nature takes its toll and your hole sucks the rest in down to the base. The knobbed head and signature ass-lock design create a “locking” effect that...

    87,00 €
  • 53,45 €

    We took our best selling UNIT-X sling and attached it to a super comfortable buttplug to create ASS-X, the spankin’ new FLEX-TPR ass-lock from ATOMIC JOCK.   The attached buttplug is about the thickness of two fat fingers and blubbery n’ soft to the touch.   The smooth shape and flexible material let you easily stuff your hole for hours of...

    53,45 €
  • 76,20 €

    Ever have those days where you could really use a hand…up your hole? Well, now with the PUNCH ass-lock from OXBALLS you can go through your day with a paw shoved firmly up your manhole. PUNCH is designed to strap to your meat by an attached cockring so you get an all day squeeze on your junk while your asslips stay nice n’ stretched. PUNCH is made from...

    76,20 €
  • 66,30 €

    At OXBALLS, we recognize that like some dog breeds, there are all kinds of pups out there with different temperaments. We love pup-tails and seeing them bouncin’ around a boy’s backside, but we also know that not all pups want to be “plugged” especially when heading out to a bar or puppy-pit. That’s why we created TAILBONE, a puppy tail that’s designed...

    66,30 €
  • 134,00 € 184,00 €

    Oxballs SEWER LOCK…it’s the perfect hole-stuffing shape…shaped like a light-bulb…grease it up and feel your ass SUCK IT IN…just the right length you gonna keep it locked in place…   Wanna feel really attached to your new “PLUMBING”? Attach the silicone asslock strap around the plug’s base, and stretch the attached cockring around your greasy cock &...

    134,00 € 184,00 €
    Reduced price!
  • 97,20 €

    3-WAY is 2 dicks attached to a cockring...slide your mean in and you have 3 dicks for one very lucky hole... One is uncut, the other is smooth and slick...the stretchy silicone cockring really keeps these 2 dicks strapped to yours...the underside of each dick is hollowed out so the 2 dicks "merge" with yours giving you incredible thickness, or fucking...

    97,20 €
  • 62,75 €

    The new Sport Asslock with never seen before revolutionary features. The revoloutionary designed valve and pressure chamber, includes a removable hand pump that attaches to an inflatable ergonomically shaped pure silicone butt plug that can inflate over four times its size. The World Famous Sport Fucker Original Ring mounted at the shaft with the added...

    62,75 €
  • 45,35 €

    Jock Lock is a great updated version of the traditional Ass locks. This 100% Premium Silicone asslock will stretch over 200% its original size and has a nice 4.5 cm Ball Plug on the end that will keep your ass in check. The attached cockring is  50 mm so it’s not too tight and not too loose. You can even upgrade the Jock Lock with our Neoprene Harness...

    45,35 €
  • 265,90 €

    Sometimes, you want others to know that your ass is off-limits. One glance at the Ultimate Asslock in use will be enough to let others know move on - this ass is spoken for! Modeled on the medieval torture device known as "The Pear of Anguish," the Ultimate Asslock has a classic, diabolical design.

    265,90 €
  • 145,45 €

    Supercockring vibrating anallock with a 40 mm ball. 100 % german stainless steel 316 L. Available indiameter 40/45/50/55

    145,45 €
  • 165,55 €

    Super double cockring with 30 mm removable ball. Available in  40-45- / 50-55mm rings.   Additional ball 40 till 100 mm 100 % German stainless steel 316 L. No lead inside.

    165,55 €
  • 135,95 €

    The original supercockring seamless, pure, NO LEAD inside. Made in Germany not in Pakistan. Rings available in : 40-45-50-55mm Additional ball on demand 40mm up to 100mm

    135,95 €
  • 150,00 €

    Super cockring in stainless steel 316  L with 2 balls plug 25 and 30 mm.  Available in sizes : 40/45/50/55mm Made in Germany.    

    150,00 €
Showing 1 - 15 of 17 items


Ass Lock is a mix of an anal plug linked to a cockring. Invented by Oxballs, you will find a large choice of Ass locks on The Ass lock cockring holds tight your dick & balls  while the plug fills you and works your tight ass at every movement 

Ass Lock is a mix of an anal plug linked to a cockring. Invented by Oxballs, you will find a large choice of Ass locks on The Ass lock cockring holds tight your dick & balls  while the plug fills you and works your tight ass at every movement