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Jungle Juice, an iconic brand of poppers in the gay scene, was founded in London in 1982 by the company Ram Product which immediately chose the color yellow as its emblem.

Powerful popper aromas

The original aroma of a refined Isopropyl has a slow, constant and potent build-up.

At the same time, unable to import aromas from Europe into its territory, the Lockeroom company in Torronto registered the mark for the North American continent. The choice of the Canadians was to use a different molecule, Pentyl, which causes the rise much faster and more intense but also shorter. Lockeroom has since broadened its offer by creating the brands Jungle Juice Platinum, Plus and especially Black Label which has become its bestseller.

Since then, other European companies have released their own mix mainly based on ISO propyl under the same brand, causing some confusion for customers.

At Dark-Ink we have always been keen to inform and tell our customers the source of the products we offer them. So you would just have to choose from the different brands, English Canadian or Belgian and decide by trying them which Poppers Jungle Juice is best for you.