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List of products by manufacturer OXBALLS



At Oxballs, our mission is to create cutting-edge designs inspired by the darkest, dirtiest parts of man’s mind. We don’t just try to create product, but we strive to create products that keep guys coming back for more (or should we say cumming?).


Whether you’re an insatiable sex-pig or just a guy who enjoys trying new things to get your rocks off, Oxballs has a toy for you. With products ranging from basic cockrings to dildos in every shape, color, and size, we’ve got something for all levels of players and fetishists. Our goal is to create toys that become a guy’s favorite, the one he recommends to all his buddies.


Stephen Lane, more commonly known as Ox, is the mastermind behind the design. Following an action packed career in fashion design and production, Ox later began focusing his creativity and energy into making his dirty designs a reality. The end result would be the one –of-a-kind products that have launched our humble company into the spotlight of the adult novelty world.



they create products designed by men for men with what makes men hard in mind. We play with toys as we design them, often times reworking and fine-tuning details based on feedback from our mostly male team.  Products start as merely a sketch on paper that are transformed through CAD technology and the latest in 3D printing into actual designs.


 They don’t simply churn out sketches to send off to a factory in the hopes that they’ll actually work; we engineer our products with the end user at heart. If we wouldn’t use a toy then we wouldn’t sell it, it’s that simple. 


From Ox’s head to mass production, we walk through each step to make sure you’re getting the nastiest, most pleasurable experience from our product. Nothing makes us happier than hearing about all the cum-shots we’ve made possible…

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  • 210,00 €

    OXBALLS strap-on URINAL piss trough…transform yourself into the ultimate piss-pig! Made of soft flexible pure silicone, our strap-on URINAL is one nasty piss-gag…every detail is perfect—it was, after all designed by the piss-loving pigs at OXBALLS...the flexible silicone urinal is deep and shaped so anyone needing to take piss can step up and fill it...

    210,00 €
  • 61,75 €

    It takes balls…BUTTBALLS, asslock with built-in cocksling from Oxballs.  If you’re a fan of our ASS-X or TAILPIPE asslock, you’re going to love our newest model, BUTTBALLS.    You asked for it and we delivered…BUTTBALLS is our new FlexTPR asslock with a textured buttplug for an even more intense ass workout.   The dual sensation of the built-in cocksling...

    61,75 €
  • 20,95 €

    TRI-SQUEEZE is everything you love about the TRI-SPORT cocksling but with a built-in ballstretcher at the base. It beefs up your bulge while stretching your sweaty sack.  Just like TRI-SPORT, TRI-SQUEEZE is modeled after traditional steel 3-ring cock cage but without all the discomfort and rigid material…no worrying about pinching metals or trying to...

    20,95 €
  • 21,95 €

    At Oxballs, we love wearing cockrings and ballstretchers. Whether it’s under our clothes on the go or for some hot n’ heavy hole stuffin’…something just feels so damn good about plumpin’ up your cock and pushin’ your nuts out.  That being said, there are days when we want that beefier, bigger bulge but without all the bulk on our boys… that’s where Ox got...

    21,95 €
  • 169,00 €

    Ever read Demonicsex comics?  Want to get fucked by one of their devil-boys?  Those sweaty, hairy, roided devils…beasts with burning hot cum, a dripping dick so long and thick, the head shaped for quick hard penetration…a up-curved shaft with veins, ridges, lumps…a fat cum tube connected to huge veiny balls ready to breed its cursed seed deep in your...

    169,00 €
  • 24,50 €

    JERK JACK OFF by OXBALLSBeat your meat with JERK, the new squishy stretchy fuckable jack-off toy from OXBALLS. The ribbed insides of JERK massage your manhood and the super soft TPR rubber feels fuckin’ amazin’ slidin’ and slurpin’ on your dong. Fill it with lube, stuff your junk in, and pound it like you would a wet mouth or a hungry butthole. The...

    24,50 €
  • 125,00 €

    With the new COLOR SWIRL PUPPY TAIL buttplug, you can finally become the quadruped you were born to be...GOOD BOY! Each tail is made from our signature Pure Platinum grade silicone so they’re rubbery n’ stretchy but still firm enough to stay planted up your pup butt…perfect for wigglin’ and waggin’ while you’re on all fours or shakin’ your fuzzy buns. And...

    125,00 €
  • 99,00 € 109,00 €

    Teach an old dog a new trick with TAIL FUCK… TAIL FUCK is a nifty combo that includes one of our best-selling PIG-HOLE fuckplugs and a puppy tail shaped stopper. TAIL FUCK’s hollow buttplug and stopper are made from soft, smooth silicone so they’re squishy n’ fleshy to the touch. Now, you don’t have to choose from having your hungry hole gaped wide or...

    99,00 € 109,00 €
    Reduced price!
  • 39,00 €

    Open up that too-tight hole with TRAINER PLUG from OXBALLS…in 3 graduated sizes, designed for longwear...made from Platinum Cure firm silicone, these hole-plugs can be worn as they are or slide onto the butt-strap of most any body harness or thong-back neoprene or leather jock. They adjust to the wearer's hole and are much more comfortable than the usual...

    39,00 €
  • 72,00 €

    ROSEBUD is a pure silicone spec-u-plug that’s designed to “bloom” open once it’s lodged up your butt.  The inner mouth of ROSEBUD is lined with raised ribbing that force its flanges to stay open…even when it’s stuffed up a tight greased up hole. To insert (aka shove up your buttpucker), simply fold ROSEBUD shut and slowly feed it to your hungry hole…as...

    72,00 €
  • 139,00 €

    Wear out even the hungriest bottom with RAM, the fat new double fucker from OXBALLS. RAM is a hefty slab of pure silicone that transforms your cock into a huge hole wreckin’ battering ram. The built-in cockring at the base and concave dick indent keeps this fucker melded to your meat no matter how hard you jackhammer his hungry hog-hole. RAM is made from...

    139,00 €
  • 27,85 €

    The new NEO-STRETCH ballstretchers fit and feel amazing…the same shape as old-style neoprene ball-stretchers, same thickness, but made of our super soft stretchy silicone...wont strangle your sack, wear longer for more stretch, more play... NEO-STRETCH keeps those nuts down in their sack...all three styles have a fat lip around the edge so this one will...

    27,85 €
  • 29,90 €

    NEW From OXBALLS...PUPPY silicone cockring...super soft, stretchy pure platinum silicone..."wag your fuckin tail, Fido!" Wear it discretely under your balls...or face it backwards, shove a pup-tail in your hole and get on all fours like a good pup should...nuthin' a pup-owner likes more than to look down and see his dog wagging his tail..showing off that...

    29,90 €
  • 24,95 €

    BONER is a pure silicone cockring that’s the perfect way to show your puppy pride…and show off your rock hard meat… Soft, squishy silicone wraps tight around your junk to push out and plump your pup-package. The outside of BONER is covered in adorable puppy designs and even has a bone-shaped dog tag on the front. Best of all, BONER matches our BLACK and...

    24,95 €
  • 33,00 €

    HUNG cockring puts a squishy pad of silicone behind your ballsack, pushing your balls forward and up for a bigger package…wear it under gear to fill out a jock or Levis…or under rubber or neoprene for a fuller basket… Made of pure platinum silicone, with the word HUNG embossed under the ball-cushion… Colors: Black - Red - Metallic Blue Made in USA…design...

    33,00 €
Showing 1 - 15 of 86 items
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