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  • 29,70 €

    The Anal Irrigator BY Sportfucker is a long shower nozzle, made of super soft flexible silicone, and has a mushroom tip for deep easy cleaning. Hook it up and have a blast! The Nozzle is 38 cm (15 inch) long. Fits standard 3.8 cm (1.5 inch) threads.

    29,70 €
  • 59,90 €

    The Sport Fucker Travel Sling is compact enough to fit into a boot, and strong enough to open up the legs of even the most muscled of bottoms! Embodying all of the core values of a Sport Fucker themselves, this Travel Sling creates immediate access for a Sport Fucker's most sanctifying target, hole!Super compact perfect for travel When in...

    59,90 €
  • 22,60 €

    The Muscle Ball Stretcher by Sport Fucker is by far the most comfortable Silicone BallStretcher on the market! What makes the Muscle Ball Strecher by Sport Fucker so comfortable? First the design. It's nice and thick, adding a good amount of weight to your sack, without a constant pain you may have with metal ball weights. But more importantly is...

    22,60 €
  • 17,70 €

    The Muscle Ring by Sport Fucker is by far the most comfortable Silicone Cockring on the market! What makes the Muscle Ring by Sport Fucker so comfortable? First the design. Thick enough not too cut-into your skin, but not so wide and thick that it's bulky. But more importantly is the All New Silicone used to make these Muscle Rings. You HAVE TO...

    17,70 €
  • 42,10 €

    Our Sport Fucker Shower kit has everything you need to clean out. The Sport Fucker kit includes our custom made 6 ft. stainless-steel hose that puts all the other flimsy hoses on the market to shame. We also include our no-leak shower diverter that is 100% stainless steel. Last, we include your choice of nozzle from 6 inches up to 9" inches of Pure...

    42,10 €
  • 34,45 €

    After more than a year in the making, Sport Fucker has released its revolutionary new Thunder Plug. This Plug actually TAPS your prostrate as you move! There is a three part interior which creates a deep, penetrating thud. The thin neck and ergonomic flange were designed to be worn all day. When worn for an extended period of time, the constant and...

    34,45 €
  • 10,75 €

    COCKRING THE DEFENDER BY SPORTFUCKER The new SPORTFUCKER'S Cockring! Super confortable and super "Push Up" 100% TPR FLEX Available in 4 colours: Black - Red - Clear - Ice Blue

    10,75 €
  • 11,30 €

    The Neoprene Snap Cock Ring from Perfect Fit. This adjustable cock ring is made of stitched and lined neoprene for ultimate comfort. It features safety snaps so you are not exposed to sharp edges. Also it stretches for that perfect fit every time. Product Dimensions:   Length: 19CM - 17.5CM - 16CM - 14,5CM Width: 2CM

    11,30 €
  • 39,00 €

    We have taken our best selling Butt Plug harness from leather and made some slight changes for neoprene. The result is SCRUM one of the most comfortable long term wear butt plug harness.Complete with Butt plug adapter. Can hold a butt plug that has up to a 2-1/2 base. Wear your  TACKLE , MAUL  buttplugs as long as you wish  !! Butt Plug Not...

    39,00 €
  • 19,90 €

    3-WAY BY SPORTFUCKER The 3-Way by Sport Fucker is extremely versatile.Use it as a 3-Way cock, ball and shaft ring. Use it as a cockring with ball stretcher. Use it as an asslock, perfectly paired with our ball plug as shown. Made from super stretchy TPR rubber.

    19,90 €
  • 12,90 €

    BULLRING BY SPORTFUCKER Sport Fucker took a classic Bullring-Piercing, enlarged it, and cast it in firm silicone. This Bullring has characteristics of both metal and of stretchable cockrings. The Bullring has the rigidity of metal, but is bendable to move with the body like a stretchable cockring.  100% Extra-firm silicone48mm...

    12,90 €
  • 12,00 €

    Introduction discount to new comers in Ballstretching -40% til Jan 31st! The Slinger Ring by Sport Fucker is both a ball stretcher and a cock ring. It has a large footprint without a lot of mass. That means more stretch and flexibility for the well endowed male. 100% Super stretchy TRP rubber When used as a ball stretcher, made to fit guys with large...

    12,00 €
  • 4,50 €

    We are so excited to introduce The Wedge by Sport Fucker! This is hands-down the BEST basic, strechable cockring on the market! Being extremely reductive in design, The Wedge offers the slimmest profile possible to get the job done. I.E. job being: pushing your package up and holding juices in while not cutting into the skin or chocking out your cock....

    4,50 €
  • 14,20 €

    Good news the price of the famous SPORTFUCKER neoprène rings has dropped 50% !! Made from soft neoprene these cockrings feel fantastic. Have you ever tried to glue neoprene ? It's a bloody nightmare to get it right. But it takes quite a lot of time so that's why they're not cheap.   You can't combine them with Crisco or other oils / fats, in the long...

    14,20 €
  • 53,50 €

    TACKLE HARNESS PLUG BY SPORTFUCKER After more than a year in the making, Sport Fucker has just released their new line of Butt Plugs! The TACKLE Harness Plug can be used on its own, or along with a Butt Plug Harness. With the Harness, you can wear this plug under your basketball shorts all day long since there will be no change of it slipping out! The...

    53,50 €
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