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  • 71,00 €

    DOUBLE DONG SUPER CLIFFORD Like ZEUS holding lightning in his hands, hold firmly this double dong and provide a wide & progressive pleasure to both or play alone ..A solid grip in the center will help both partners and can become an additional ring to absorb to solitary players..a big dog's dong or a small horse schlang .. you decide .. total length :...

    71,00 €
  • 53,85 €

    TSX Rumpa Bumb Bumb 3 Extender"Cum!" he told him, ba Rumpa Bump Rumpa Bump Bump... This extension has bumps! Three big bumps! Slip your dick into this sleeve and you can rock your partner all night long! This toy has one feature that most other extenders don't have: a hole to slip your balls through, that helps keep the extender in place....

    53,85 €
  • 30,95 €

      Think of this thick vinyl Medium Fat Cock sheath as humongous oversized condom - it's SAFE on steroids and you're gonna fuck the crap out of your boyfriend...Slide this on and give your cock extra inches, girth and more pronounced veins to plow your boyfriend's ass. This thick PVC sheath is made from the same materials as a dildo slips over your penis....

    30,95 €
  • 78,50 €

    "STONE MAN " HUGE PREHISTORICAL DONG 27 CM The "STONE MAN " Dong is the perfect way to enjoy pleasure with friends! Stimulating and sensual, this unique double dong is designed for versatility and multifunctions. It can be used in a number of ways as the entire shaft isridged and textured for long lasting lubrication and stimulation! Made from...

    78,50 €
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
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