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aluminium sextoys, cockrings and plugs, made in California

California Metal Design / Ballistic Metal has been manufacturing the highest quality fetish & adult toys for over 10 years.  All of our products are Made in the USA

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    Perfect for some watersports action or who knows...  We'll leave that up to your imagination.  The butt plug end is 1 1/2" diameter with 3ft of hose attached to a junior metal funnel.  Just aim and let the wet wild fun begin...   The butt plug is CNC machined from solid aerospace grade aluminum and polished to a brushed satin finish to match the funnel....

    60,40 € 75,50 € -20%
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    GRIPS ALUMINIUM & RUBBER COCKRING BY BALLISTIC METAL Always been searching for that perfect cockring?  Well here it is.  The GRIPZ cockring features textured rubber embeded into the ring for a completely unique feel in your hand and a look thats absolutly incredible!  The overall width of the ring is 1/2".  Made from aerospace grade solid billet...

    16,55 € 33,10 € -50%
  • 21,30 €

    EXCALIBUR DONUT COCKRING BY BALLISTIC METAL approx 3/4" wide.  Made from aerospace grade solid billet aluminum.  Available in 3 different inside diameters. Made in USA

    21,30 €
  • 66,10 €

    GROMMET ALUMINIUM BUTTPLUG BY BALLISTIC METAL Wanna keep that hole open nice and wide?   Grommet will do the job.   With grommet you'll have a gaping hole for everyone to see.   Available in 3 sizes, Small (1 1/2" inside opening), Medium (1 3/4" inside opening) & Large (2" inside opening).   The wall of the grommet is thin, so you'll get maximum...

    66,10 €
  • 66,00 €

    50 CALIBER PLUG BY BALLISTIC METAL Ready...Aim...Fire!!!  The 50 Cal Butt Plug is expertly machined from solid aerospace grade billet aluminum.  It has a nice solid heavy feel to it.  When you go into battle, make sure you have your ammunition. 1 1/2" diameter at it's widest point and 5" tall overall. Made in USA

    66,00 €
  • 37,70 €

    They won't know what hit them when you have on the Hellfire.  Hang on and prepare for the ride of your life.  23 precision drilled holes around the ring let them know you mean business.  When the Hellfire unleashes all its fury, watch out!As an extra added bonus, a standard bannana type plug fits into any of the holes on the Hellfire cockring, making this...

    37,70 €
  • 37,70 €

    SIDEWINDER ALUMINIUM COCKRING BY BALLISTIC METAL Get a grip on the Sidewinder and prepare for launch.  Unique knurling surrounds the outside of the ring with 11 vent holes drilled around it to keep you cool under pressure.  Slide this on and let the countdown begin..... As an extra added bonus, a standard bannana type plug fits into any of the holes on...

    37,70 €
  • 37,70 €

    RAPTOR ALUMINIUM COCKRING BY BALLISTIC METAL Are you ready for the Raptor?  Well, the Raptor is ready for you!  It's just waiting for you to slide it on and head into battle.  14 strategicly placed cuts around the outside give the Raptor the look that it's ready for action anytime, anywhere on a moments notice.  What are you waiting for?  The Raptor is...

    37,70 €
  • 10,40 €

     SHAFT ALUMINIUM COCKRING BY BALLISTIC METAL These rings are designed to be worn around the penis shaft or just behind the head of the penis, unlike a traditional cock ring that is worn around the cock & balls.   These can be worn on a soft or hard penis depending on the inside diameter chosen These rings are available in 2 different diameters. M:...

    10,40 €
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