Hankeys Toys extraordinary realistic dildos !

Large XXL dildos and sextoys made in USA


Mr Hankey toys makes realistic dildos with disproportionate dimensions for the greatest pleasure of amateurs and experts in intense and limitless anal dildoing. The concept of Hankey Toys is simple: make a dildo from a molding made on the erect penis of a porn actor who is already very well hung then decline the model in different sizes L, XL, XXL, XXXL while maintaining a level details never seen. This results in huge and monstrous cocks but so exciting that you can almost decorate them in your home! (yes yes we know some who have a Hankey on their nightstand ...)

Frankly difficult to find sex toys so massive, heavy and imposing and it makes you wonder how gay guys can take such penises in the ass. But we know that quite a few amateurs will spend a small fortune to have one or more Hankey Toys sex toys in their home. It's a cult brand !


Hankeys Toys dildo


Buy a dildo ultra realistic Hankeys Toys, why ?

To learn about sodomy ? Uh ..! When we tell you that they are incredibly big, you will hardly believe us. These are the biggest anal dildos in the world to date. Imagine for a moment a sex toy that weighs more than 5 kilos and made of a very high quality silicone. Because beyond their extraordinary dimensions, Mr Hankeys Toys sex toys are surper realistic and made with a "Premium" silicone. The texture is extra and the details very realistic.

Those who want to afford a sex toy from this brand are looking for intense and deep sensations, not to say extreme. They are generally already adept at sodomy and practices with plugs, asslock, other dildos or even practice FistFucking.


Which lubricant should I use with my Hankey Toys ?

They are compatible with all lubricants but we recommend Fistpowder, a revolutionary 95% organic powder lubricant. Its extreme lubricating power and the fact that it is perfectly safe for your body make Fistpowder the most suitable sexual lubricant for the use of an XXL dildo.