Discover a new and revolutionary product, FISTPOWDER © is the new generation lubricant with an “ultra lubricated” texture. Easy to use, economical lubricant and safe for your body !

Why is FISTPOWDER lubricant a revolution ?

FISTPOWDER© is a lubricant compatible with latex or condoms. Two years of research and testing to come up with a product that is safe for humans unlike J-Lube®.

This intimate lubricant has a very high lubricating power, colorless and odorless (unlike Crisco®). It is easy to use, no filament effect, no loss of product.There is even a “Heterosexual” version that offers the unique lubricating powers of the formula FISTPOWDER© for all.

J-Lube a lubricant dangerous for humans ?

Practitioners of FistFucking (FF) in the world generally use, not without risks, food or veterinary products diverted from their main function. Apart from their lubricity, they have more disadvantages than advantages. Crisco®, is a very fatty edible margarine, it smells very strongly, it stains indelibly and it attacks and dissolves condoms and neoprene clothing and accessories. J-lube ®, veterinary lubricant, is very viscous and therefore made of long threads, it is unpleasant to use, it is not compatible with condoms and damages the neoprene, it stains indelibly. It is made with chemical polymers and contains substances toxic to the human body. It is potentially fatal to animals if accidentally contacted with the peritoneum. A warning is displayed on the bottle. J-lube lubricant is currently the subject of health surveys by ministries of health, both in France and Germany, and should eventually be banned for sale for human use.

A Lube for Fist Fucking and lovers of big sextoys

FISTPOWDER, a product for FF enthusiasts but also for "Heavy Players" who like to play with big sex toys. THE FP COMPANY has invested in the search for a solution providing completely new comfort and absolute health security.

Thus was born FISTPOWDER ©, the fruit of two years of research and collaboration between THE FP COMPANY and a French pharmaceutical laboratory. FISTPOWDER © is perfectly compatible with latex or condoms. It brings firstly fist fucking practitioners but also any other lubricant user, an unprecedented experience, comfort and sensations. This experience marks a real break with traditional lubricants. The lubricant obtained is of an absolutely new fluidity, it facilitates and makes extremely pleasant the friction and the sexual penetration or that of sexual accessories. Its composition, a mixture of powder and water, gives it a unique, "ultra-lubricated" texture.

lubrifiant fist powder

How to use FISTPOWDER© lubricant ?

FISTPOWDER in practice. It is a powder lubricant to be mixed with water in a proportion of 1 to 100

1 gram of FISTPOWDER© mixed with 100 milliliters of water = 100 ml of lubricant.

This lubricant is quite revolutionary, to date its main component has never been used or tested on the market.

  • To prepare 500ml of Fistpowder of normal viscosity, pour 5g of Fistpowder in a container, add 500ml of warm or hot water, shake vigorously, let stand 10 minutes.
  • For a very viscous texture (FF) add an additional 1 to 2 g per 5 g slice.

FISTPOWDER © does not stick or stain, it rinses off with water extremely easily. Finally it leaves a film of the size of the micron on the skin, making it smooth and silky. It is colorless, completely odorless and can therefore be licked without inconvenience or inconvenience. It does not have the "fondue" effects found with a veterinary lubricant such as J-lube used by FF enthusiasts. It is hypoallergenic with little or no chance of causing allergic reactions. It does not stain. FF practitioners have all complained about the indelible marks left on their sofas, sheets or floors by their usual lubricants. Composed of powder and water, FISTPOWDER © never stains. When the water evaporates it returns to its powder state without leaving any trace. While being extremely slippery FISTPOWDER © is of a very light viscosity. It does not stick on the fingers when spreading it and above all it does not stick during use.