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The Real Amsterdam Extra Strong 30ml Hexyl

LOCKERROOM Hexyl Poppers

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THE REAL AMSTERDAM- extra strong formula - Hexyl 30 ml  definitely replaces THE REAL AMSTERDAM Pentyle 30ml.

Powerful Hexyl works slightly slower but lasts longer.

No smell, no headache or burning to the skin, it is harmless to you erections.

Gentle on the environment, no need for a safety cap.

By the end of March, the new Hexyl-based formula will replace the Pentyl one in all 30 ml bottles.

All 10ml bottles,  Jungle Juice Black Label 30ml, Jungle Juice Gold Label 30ml, the High-Rise 30ml carton remain with Pentyle formula.

Lockerroom, Leather Cleaners Manufacture in Toronto since 1980

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Hexyl Poppers: The Real Amsterdam Extra Strong 30ml Hexyl LOCKERROOM

Highly flammable - toxic by inhalation - very toxic if swallowed - keep closed and out of reach of children - keep away from any source of heat or flame - do not smoke nearby - after contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water water - in case of accident or if you do not feel well contact a doctor or a nearby poison control center immediately

USE AND INSTRUCTIONS: Our leather cleaners are specially designed and manufactured for the care and treatment of leather clothing, accessories and toys. This product is not intended for human use !

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Our advice is to test a small area beforehand, each quality of leather being different. Be careful, this product may possibly discolor your item. Apply the product to a clean cloth. Cover the affected part. Rub gently, allowing the solution to penetrate the leather. Absorb excess product with a dry cloth and allow to dry. High-end formula developed in Canada. 


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Hexyl Nitrite
25 ml
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