Neoprene Cockring
  • Neoprene Cockring

Thick Neoprene Cockring

SPORT FUCKER Neoprene Cockring

Neoprene Cockrings from Sportfucker made in the USA.

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Each cockring requires 3:15 work and 5 sticking operations.

They are firm, strong, stretchable, warm to the skin, portable all day at rest, and super efficient in erection

Existing in 3 sizes: 40/45/50 mm, we advise you to take a size smaller than your usual size: for a 45 mm take a 40mm, for a 50 a 45mm, and for a 55 mm a 50mm.

Warning: do not wear these cockrings in swimming pools or jacuzzis, they hate chlorine, or put them in contact with Crisco or lubricants oil.

You can wash them without fear.

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