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  • Puppy Hood
  • Puppy Hood
  • Puppy Hood
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  • Puppy Hood

K9 custom neoprene puppy hood



Mr S Leather is the creator of neoprene hoods popular with the gay Fetish community. The K9 model is a new version of this Puppy hood with reinforced details, a more realistic design of the nose and ears. His muzzle is totally removable. When the weather warms up, the muzzle can be cleared and removed so you can breathe a little while staying in puppy mode.

The ears can be "modeled" and take the shape that you want; a way to show his mood of the moment !

A personalized hood that will be in your images, colorful or even wiser, all according to your character.

For any questions, and for having your template contact us at tweak@dark-ink.com


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Puppy Hood: K9 custom neoprene puppy hood MR-S-LEATHER



  • Smooth Neoprene
  • Nylon Neoprene
  • Textured Neoprene

OPTIONS: Contact us at  tweak@dark-ink.com for template.

PRICE: From 199€ (Without additionals options)

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