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  • 16,58 € In Stock

    This silicone lubricant injector allows deep application in your anus and is designed for ease of use. The handles allow you to fill the applicator with the liquid of your choice and inject it with a simple push. Size XL contains more than twice the amount of lubricant from most injectors. Made of high quality silicone, this lubricant applicator is only...

    16,58 €
  • 24,92 € In Stock

    Pinpoint application with a nozzle-tipped anal lube! Allow your body to focus on pleasure with this specialty water-based formula. Relax Anal Lubricant is a desensitizing lube that can help ease some of the potential discomfort associated with anal play. This silky smooth liquid keeps unwanted friction at bay, and offers a light numbing effect to help...

    24,92 €
  • 19,58 € In Stock

    This Skwert Lube Injector quickly converts most lube bottles into a lube injector. Forget those messy syringes, the Skwert Lube Injector makes deep lubrication much easier. The 4” (10cm) interchangeable plastic injector comes with a small and large lube bottle cap. The injector has comfortable finger pump holds, that lets you inject the perfect amount of...

    19,58 €
  • 16,25 € In Stock

    Bovivet 1 liter gel is a veterinary lubricant that ensures optimal efficiency during extreme anal insertions. Indeed, the texture is liquid and slightly gelatinous to create a protective film on the hand, arm or sextoy.

    16,25 €
  • 21,63 € In Stock

    X Lube is a powder lubricant that is easy to prepare and safe for the body. no additives 100g = 20 liters non-cytotoxic - ISO10993-5 certified German laboratory in accordance with GMP and ISO9001 standards

    21,63 €
  • 7,08 € In Stock

    Lubricant Gel LUBRAGEL is a sterile, water soluble gel used for lubricating of the urethral sounding o hard anal plays. You're relaxed and iatrogenic injures due to spasticity or unquiet are minimalized. Lubragel provides optimum lubrication, while the local anaesthetic minimises pain and the antiseptic properties reduce the risk of infection. 11ml injector

    7,08 €
  • 27,50 € In Stock

    SPUNK Lube Hybrid is a water based silicone lubricant that resembles the look and feel of natural body lubrication (cum lube). It lets you feel the sensation of skin to skin contact. SPUNK Lube Hybrid is a non staining, hypoallergenic formula that cleans up very easily. It's white, creamy and fun to use. SPUNK Lube Hybrid is not sticky, tacky or greasy....

    27,50 €
  • 5,33 € In Stock

    THE BEST-SELLER OF BUTTER LUBRICANTS! Crisco - Quite possibly the most perfect lube for heavy assplay and fisting. Crisco has been a trusted sexual lubricant, and famous fisting lubricant since its invention in the 50’s. This industrial strength creamy lubricant is long lasting, super slick and won’t dry out so you can fist all night long if you...

    5,33 €
  • 6,92 € In Stock

    Swiss Navy Paraben and Glycerin Free Water Based Lubricant provides a silky smooth and non-sticky feeling that enhances intimacy. We are setting the standard with the finest ingredients and advanced formulas for an unforgettable experience that will make you feel exceptionally sexy. Available in 2oz & 4oz DIRECTIONS: Apply as desired to area to be...

    6,92 €
  • 5,75 € In Stock

    Water based lubricating gel 125ml  by SEXLINE Especially made for condoms, high lubrication power, non greasy, water soluble, colourless. 100% MADE IN FRANCE, certified CE 0459 Comes also in 50ml tube and 5ml pocket dose.  

    5,75 €
  • 6,92 € In Stock

    Never spill a drop of lube again! The Lube Shooter holds up to 20ml of your favorite personal lubricant, and the smooth, tapered tip is perfect for easy entry. ABS Plastic Phthalate free Non-toxic Waterproof Length: 7,5" Diameter: 0.75"

    6,92 €
  • 8,92 € In Stock

    Pack of 3 lube shooter disposable The perfect tool to inject  cream or butter lube   

    8,92 €
  • 25,58 € In Stock

    Boy butter original is an oil-based lubricant:coconut oil and organic silicone blend. The ingredients are homogenized like real butter and the end result is a personal lubricant that will last as long as any synthetic or silicone lubricants yet washe off with water alone, from both skin and fabric. Boy Butter Original is long lasting, hypoallergenic and...

    25,58 €
  • 7,92 € 10,42 € In Stock
    Promo !

    FistPowder Weekend Kit : 1 x 500 ML SPORT BOTTLE ( value 5.50€ ) 2 x 7g FISTPOWDER SACHETS  = 2 X 500 ML OF LUBE ( Value 7.00€ ) SPECIAL TRIAL OFFER 10€ instead of 12.50€Easy to use - perfect pocket size to fit in your walletAlways be ready for some action with this 7g new sachet. A much stronger, extremely slippery and long lasting formula...

    7,92 € 10,42 €
  • 4,58 € In Stock

    Bottle to prepare and use 500ML of FISTPOWDER 1- Using cap provided, measure just 5 to 7g of FistPowder 2- Poor 300ml of warm water in a container, add 5/7g. Shake thoroughly / blend until a smooth gel forms. Complete with 200ml of warm water. Remember, first the warm water then the powder! 3- Play with thickness or concentration by reducing or adding...

    4,58 €
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