The Energy Ring is Sport Fucker’s newest cock toy. This toy has three main rings and two side rings letting you wear this device a couple of different ways. Take a look at the photos for examples of how to secure your junk using the Energy Ring. Also, if you’re into CBT, this toy can be used to easily separate your balls from both your body and from each other, making them easily accessible. Like most of the Sport Fucker cock toys, the Energy ring can help to add a big bulge under even the thickest pair of pants.

Although this toys holds everything firmly in place, it is easy to get on and off thanks to our super stretchable TPR material. The Energy Ring is also made to be used with the Trainer Ring. Wear the Energy Ring with your balls dropped down the bottom, then add the Trainer Ring to your nuts to give even them more of a stretch! When you use these two toys together, they look like one larger device. You can even mix and match the colors.

Colours: Black - Red - Clear - Metal - Ice Blue

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For your cock and ballsCOCKRINGS


T he Energy Ring is Sport Fucker’s newest cock toy. This toy has three main rings and two side rings letting you wear this device a couple of...

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très élégant
ça met très bien les testicules en valeur chaque testicule reste bien à sa place chacun de son côté très utile pour les testicules qui pendent...
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