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  • 185,90 €

    Ever read Demonicsex comics?  Want to get fucked by one of their devil-boys?  Those sweaty, hairy, roided devils…beasts with burning hot cum, a dripping dick so long and thick, the head shaped for quick hard penetration…a up-curved shaft with veins, ridges, lumps…a fat cum tube connected to huge veiny balls ready to breed its cursed seed deep in your...

    185,90 €
  • 125,00 €

    With the new COLOR SWIRL PUPPY TAIL buttplug, you can finally become the quadruped you were born to be...GOOD BOY! Each tail is made from our signature Pure Platinum grade silicone so they’re rubbery n’ stretchy but still firm enough to stay planted up your pup butt…perfect for wigglin’ and waggin’ while you’re on all fours or shakin’ your fuzzy buns....

    125,00 €
  • 89,00 € 99,00 €

    Teach an old dog a new trick with TAIL FUCK… TAIL FUCK is a nifty combo that includes one of our best-selling PIG-HOLE fuckplugs and a puppy tail shaped stopper. TAIL FUCK’s hollow buttplug and stopper are made from soft, smooth silicone so they’re squishy n’ fleshy to the touch. Now, you don’t have to choose from having your hungry hole gaped wide or...

    89,00 € 99,00 €
    Reduced price!
  • 36,00 €

    Open up that too-tight hole with TRAINER PLUG from OXBALLS…in 3 graduated sizes, designed for longwear...made from Platinum Cure firm silicone, these hole-plugs can be worn as they are or slide onto the butt-strap of most any body harness or thong-back neoprene or leather jock. They adjust to the wearer's hole and are much more comfortable than the usual...

    36,00 €
  • 65,00 €

    ROSEBUD is a pure silicone spec-u-plug that’s designed to “bloom” open once it’s lodged up your butt.  The inner mouth of ROSEBUD is lined with raised ribbing that force its flanges to stay open…even when it’s stuffed up a tight greased up hole. To insert (aka shove up your buttpucker), simply fold ROSEBUD shut and slowly feed it to your hungry hole…as...

    65,00 €
  • 109,00 €

    Wear out even the hungriest bottom with RAM, the fat new double fucker from OXBALLS. RAM is a hefty slab of pure silicone that transforms your cock into a huge hole wreckin’ battering ram. The built-in cockring at the base and concave dick indent keeps this fucker melded to your meat no matter how hard you jackhammer his hungry hog-hole. RAM is made...

    109,00 €
  • 173,80 €

    This dick is massive and impressive, big nuts--a slab-like heavy chunk of meat…and he’s a leaker too!  Enough “pre-cum” to lube your hole for hours of butt-pounding play. Firm enough to squat on, soft enough to reach well past your second hole…lubed up and dripping the entire ride…  LEAKER…(and man does it leak)…we used STR8CAM silicone/waterbase hybrid...

    173,80 €
  • 122,50 €

    Bang your butthole into a lube leakin' mess with BANKER. This fat fucker is a serious slab of silicone that's guaranteed to open you wide and fill you up deep. The flared head and thick core make you feel every inch of this one...Made in USA…design copyright OXBALLS   Pure Platinum Cure Silicone Lube safe:  water-base, oil base, water/silicone...

    122,50 €
  • 73,85 €

    Realistic Super Star Cock-BLACK BALLED, now in WHITE version, Super life-like details make this dildo look and feel just like him! 30,5CM (12") of deep pleasure will make you realize why he's a star. Also includes a suction cup base for hands-free fun Molded from one of the sexy actors of the BLACK BALLED Porns for a life-like size, feel and pleasure....

    73,85 €
  • 53,60 €

    Teach your dog a new trick when you stuff them full of this massive tail plug! Its tapered tip will help the huge, smooth form squeeze in, planting itself at the narrow base. The flared base is shaped to fit comfortably between the asscheeks, pressing against the perineum for additional stimulation. As they shake their hips, the long puppy tail will...

    53,60 €
  • 67,90 €

    Plug up your ass with this enormous and unique plug! Press the tapered tip into your anus and begin the process of twisting it into your hole! No screwdriver is required, but your man will love stuffing you full of this deviously designed anal toy. The rounded edges are comfortable and allow for the smoothest insertion possible. Made of premium...

    67,90 €
  • 16,20 €

    Spoil yourself with this handy curved prostate massager. This is the perfect toy for a beginner who wants to experiment with anal. This massager is made of plastic in combination with extra soft silicone. The curved parts ensure that your perineum is massaged. The sturdy handle allows for easy use. - Material: ABS and Silicone - Total Length:...

    16,20 €
  • 37,80 €

    Have you ever seen a butt plug combined with a cockring and ball strap? We can assure you that if you're a fan of backdoor pleasure, you will love this! The cockring will give your penis the desired rock hard strength and the ball strap will give you that lovely tight feeling! Once the butt plug is inserted you will enjoy its characteristic shape and...

    37,80 €
  • 38,80 €

    Have you ever seen a butt plug combined with a cockring? We can assure you that if you're a fan of backdoor pleasure you will love this! The cockring will give your penis the desired rock hard strength and will obviate premature ejaculation! Once the butt plug is inserted you will enjoy its characteristic shape and texture due to the silicone material....

    38,80 €
  • 81,95 €

    Powerfully rhythmic vibration coupled with 10 orgasmic modes of sensation are yours with this darkly sexy vibe. Made of premium black silicone and powered by a wireless remote, it allows for complete control up to 25 feet away. Experience the different modes by pressing the power button and cycling through the different patterns of vibration until you...

    81,95 €
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