Isopropyl Poppers 

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Isopropyl Poppers

Propyl Nitrite Poppers: Ideal aroma for sex.

Propyl nitrite poppers are the most common. It is also the most used by guys who are looking for thrills.
Our gay sexshop offers a wide selection of propyl poppers with the biggest brands at the best prices.
All the gay flavors we offer are original formulas in the direct presence of the manufacturers.

What is propyl or isopropyl ?

It is a chemical molecule of isopropyl nitrite that has the particularity to be volatile when used in Poppers.
This molecule is generally called "Isopropyl Nitrite". You also find this name on many flasks of aromas.

Different bottles of Poppers based on Propyl

Propyl Poppers are most often packaged in bottles of 10, 13 or 25ml depending on the product range. Bottles that have a safety cap as required by European legislation.

How to choose propyl poppers ?

It is sometimes difficult to choose his Poppers so the offer is great.
What we can recommend:

  • The good poppers is the one you will support and that does not cause any unpleasant signs. (headaches for example). It will then change aroma or decrease the frequency of its use.
  • The aroma must also have a pleasant smell. Although poppers do not usually smell very good, if you find that your bottle has an unpleasant odor, test another.
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