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Pentyl Poppers

Pentyl Nitrite Poppers: A Powerful Aroma

Pentyl nitrite poppers is one of the most powerful poppers available on our gay sex shop. It is made with a special and particularly strong formula based on pentyl nitrite

The Poppers at Pentyl Nitrite what is it exactly ?

To make a poppers based on pentyl nitrite, it is necessary to use a chemical molecule obtained from a transformation of pentane. The modified pentane is then assembled with a nitrite base. It becomes volatile and can then be used in the making of poppers.

The Pentyl molecule is also called isopentyl nitrite. This molecule is part of the most powerful and strong poppers aromas. Stimulants that sex lovers appreciate!

Pentyle's Nitrite can be used to make one of the best selling poppers on our gay shop, Black Label Poppers. For example, Jungle Juice and Rush have a "Black Label" version.

How to use Pentyl Poppers

It's a Poppers for sex lovers among experienced guys. It allows greater excitement during sexual acts.

A much stronger aroma than Propyl (isopropyl)

Its formula is more powerful than propyl nitrite, so it is recommended for certain sexual practices such as Fist for example.

People who have heart problems or poor heart rate should not use pentyl nitrite poppers. It is also better not to use poppers. Be that as it may, always avoid associating poppers or other sexual stimulants with alcohol.

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