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    • 8,50 €

      Lubricant Gel LUBRAGEL is a sterile, water soluble gel used for lubricating of the urethral sounding o hard anal plays. You're relaxed and iatrogenic injures due to spasticity or unquiet are minimalized. Lubragel provides optimum lubrication, while the local anaesthetic minimises pain and the antiseptic properties reduce the risk of infection. 11ml injector

      8,50 €
    • 12,50 €

      EROS Explorer guarantees relaxed anal pleasure. It is an anal muscle relaxant spray that protects the skin and quickly relaxes the rectum. Its cooling effect acts like an anesthetic, allowing easy penetration and therefore relaxed, passionate anal intercourse. It works without any loss of sensation, reduces the painful sensitivity of the sphincter and...

      12,50 €
    • 6,40 €

      THE BEST-SELLER OF BUTTER LUBRICANTS! Crisco - Quite possibly the most perfect lube for heavy assplay and fisting. Crisco has been a trusted sexual lubricant, and famous fisting lubricant since its invention in the 50’s. This industrial strength creamy lubricant is long lasting, super slick and won’t dry out so you can fist all night long if you...

      6,40 €
    • 6,90 €

      EASE INTO PROFITS WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY LUBRICANT Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lubricant provides the ultimate sexual satisfaction and enhance the pleasure of intercourse. This unscented silicone lubricant, with clove, eliminates discomfort ans is a must have for an exhilarating experience - Highest Grade Silicone - Relaxing lubricant with Clove - Long...

      6,90 €
    • 35,00 €

      FISTING FORMULA CREAM WITH LIDOCAINE This ultra lubricating, slightly numbing cream relaxes the anus and prepares you for easy penetration. Provides just the right amount of numbing to make it ideal for all types of anal stretching play. This oil-based formula provides the maximum amount of slickness, and is specifically formulated for the deepest...

      35,00 €
    • 55,65 €

      Finally back after 18 month in a new improved & approuved formula. Boy Butter Extreme Desensitizing Lubricant in the 9 oz Squeeze bottle is a desensitizing personal lubricant made with Coconut-oil, other natural ingredients and 5% benzocaine, a topical anesthetic to help you push beyond your wildest limits, find greater comfort with penetration or to...

      55,65 €
    • 27,45 €

      100 % natural, FUCKPOWDER is a SPLASH- LUBRICANT so natural you can lick and eat it! use it generously to fuck, fist, rim, rub, splash, massage, wank, toy, electro-stimulation .... FUCKPOWDER : the ultimate and most slippery sexual experience ever, all this 100 % safe. FOR INTIMATE USE-CE0459-NO PRESERVATIVES-100% CONDOM-GLOVE & TOY SAFE ODOR-& TASTELESS100

      27,45 €
    • 20,95 €

      Extraordinary for Fisting, amazing for sex and Masturbation Give your ass a royal treat 100% safe, Made in France with this much stronger, extremely slippery and long lasting formula Forget the crap that has been used for years, due to the lack of suitable lubes. The fisting community had to play with products that were not developed to be shoved up the...

      20,95 €
    • 15,95 €

      PJUR SPRAY THE BACK DOOR IDEAL FOR ANAL PENETRATION An ultra spray practice to prepare for sodomy or intrusion toys such as dildos or plug.2-3 sprays on your anus enough to relax the muscle in just 5 minutes. You can then enjoy it without pain and loss of sensation !Pump bottle 20ML.CONTAINS NO BENZOCAINE NI LIDOCAINE

      15,95 €
    Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
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