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  • 185,00 €

    Its playtime in 665 Neoprene! Similar to the best selling Neoprene Sleep Sack, 665 used his Smoothskin neoprene to created this fantastic bondage suit; allowing complete access to the crotch without compromising that snug feel around the torso. The Smoothskin neoprene has been perforated to afford more breathability and there is an internal sleeve to...

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  • 29,00 €

    Anal dilator kits have been around for decades. They are always hard and clinical looking. Although this can be fun in a medical scene, it is not the best approach for regular anal stretching. So, what is a bottom in training to do?....................Stretch with our Anal Cock Plug Trainer Kit! This kit comes with three plug of ascending size. Each...

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  • 119,00 €

    Our neoprene moto vest looks great with all our neoprene collection and just about everything else. This vest is super comfortable without any of those bumps on the inside of the garment giving you a comfortable proper fit. Made from the same 665 2.0mm Smoothskin neopreneYKK locking zipper

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  • 119,00 €

    Made from premium garment leather.Straps adjust 2 inches in each direction. Straps measure 1 1/4 inches wide.Please select your chest size for correct fit:Medium 40" to 42" Large 43" to 46" 

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  • 29,00 €

    A Neo Flex Cock and Ball Strap is a staple for any man’s top drawer. First, snap on the cock strap, then tug your nuts down and keep them down with the ball strap. This device is adjustable and gives just the right amount of tug to your balls while slightly lifting your whole package with the cock strap. Both of these features combined make a great bulge...

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    665 neoprene harness has no snaps or buckles all you need to do is stretch it to put is on Made from neoprene three times thicker than our neoprene chaps

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  • 199,00 € 237,75 €

    Made from 665 smoothskin 2.0 mm neoprene with proper flat stitch construction. Complete with internal sleeves. Rear and cock access. Super strong zig-zag stitch on sleep sack entry. Sizes: S/M/L/XL

    199,00 € 237,75 €
  • 49,00 € 78,00 €

    Our 2 mm  665 neoprene open back bottom jock brief has an open back to show off your ass. Designed for that perfect fit when you find yourself bent over ready for action. Available in 4 colors & 4 Sizes Black/Black- Black/Blue - Black/Red - Black/Yellow S - M - L - XL

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  • 74,00 € 89,00 €

    The most popular 665 sling. It is easy to wash, light to carry and holds a solid 300 pounds! Our triple-stitch pattern, overbuilt rings and double-layered canvas body provide durability for even the piggiest muscle-boys!24" wide by 38" long from ring to ringEasy to wash with soap and water

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    Made from our Signature 2mm Smoothskin neoprene and our Nylo-Tech water safe snaps. 3 Sizes/ S - M - L Colour: Black

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  • 116,75 €

    Super strong with super stretch is what you get when you buy 665 neoprene our superior Smoothskin neoprene along with our construction make these harnesses built to last. This full harness actually makes three different harnesses. You can remove the Butt Strap and keep the down strap in the front for your cockring or you can remove both the butt strap...

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  • 14,55 €

     The optional down strap for a complete 5 strap harness with included thick rubber donut cockring

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    NEOFLEX HARNESS by 665 LEATHER An update of our already world famous Neo-Skin 4 strap and 5 strap harness. Our new color and design pattern is fucking hot and made even better than before. We made this harness reversible so you get two styles in one harness. One that is all black with a slight green piping detail on the sides and the original way showing...

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    A multi-use tool for all kinds of bondage.

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  • 34,65 €

    Months of testing and samples we have finally completed our new Neoprene restraints. We are stoked to have such a kick-ass restraint made from neoprene. You can get these wet you can get lube all over them and they will stand up to the wear and tear. The neoprene on the inside has a padding feel that are great for long bondage sessions. Super strong...

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