SPECIAL OFFER on our new line DARK-LINE created for metal lovers, heavy BDSM or soft.

Lock in your cock-to-ass connection with, our new massive stainless steelXL Intruder 4cm anal Ball and a magnetic cockring!

Not only is this sucker a superb quality stainless steel cock ring, you get the added bonus of a big metal ball firmly secured up your ass. Sorta like getting your ass LICKED and  FUCKED with every step you take. Not to mention the pleasure of fuckin’ or getting plowed when you are wearing this bad boy.

Luxe finishing, 100% stainless steel, super confortable and demonically efficient.

Our massive stainless steel anal intruder features an extra-large ball screwed on. At 4cm wide, you'll really feel it move inside you ever time you thrust forward. It's the ultimate upgrade for any top who also likes to get fucked. 

The XL 4cm anal ball is screwed on to the shaft, so there are no gaps that are hard to clean. 

The magnetic cockring is available in 4 sizes, get in and out within 2 seconds, no keys , stack them and enjoy ..t so comfortable and  articulate when worn .  

Avoid solvants or water, use only alcohol to clean magnets area.

Cockring inside diameters: 39mm - 45mm - 50mm - 54mm

Ball diameter: 40mm

Insertable length: 9cm

Length between cockring and ball pipe: 12cm

Weight: 600g

55,20 € tax incl.


69,00 € tax incl.

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