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    • 24,92 € In Stock

      Once your master walks into the room, pulling this hood over your head, you wouldn't dare to not obey! This mask features a metal key ring so you can hook up any bondage toy that gets locked with snap closures like cuffs or leashes. In this way you can get your submissives exactly in the place you want them to be. The mask is made of the highest quality...

      24,92 €
    • 18,75 € In Stock

      Keep your submissive incognito with this 3-Hole Hood Mask. This comfortable open-mouth and eyes hood is designed to stretch completely over the head and closes easily at the back with a zipper. The lightweight fabric makes breathing and hearing a snap and best of all, your subject can still see and you still have access to their mouth ! Unique size...

      18,75 €
    • 17,42 € In Stock

      This lightweight hood is designed to be comfortable, stretching completely over their head and obscuring their view while leaving their mouth accessible. It features a built in padded blindfold and will not hamper breathing. The exposed mouth leaves open all kinds of naughty possibilities. Perfect for some roleplaying, or insertion of a mouth gag, sex...

      17,42 €
    • 124,17 € In Stock
      Mr. S Leather

      There is nothing like that anonymous feeling while sucking a hot cock or getting fucked. Once someone gets you in this hood, you’re going to want to get your face covered in spit, cum, piss and lube. Clean-up is a cinch.  The Neoprene Sensory Hood lets you be completely covered up: mouth and eye holes snapped closed or partially open: eyes unsnapped,...

      124,17 €
    • 69,96 € In Stock
      Mr. S Leather

      My God, we Love this new all Neoprene Open Chin Hood. Having played in it and slept in it... we can tell you this is one of the most comfortable, as well as sexy, hoods we have made here in our San Francisco neoprene workshops.  The large open mouth and chin allows you to kiss, suck cock, eat ass, breathe easily or wrap your mouth around anything else you...

      69,96 €
    • 21,17 € In Stock

      This devious disguise is designed to be comfortable, stretching completely over the head and obscuring their view. This lightweight hood features an opening for the mouth and will not hamper breathing, but will limit eyesight. The exposed mouth leaves open all kinds of naughty possibilities. Perfect for some calculated roleplaying, or insertion of a mouth...

      21,17 €
    • 39,92 € In Stock
      665 LEATHER

      39,92 €
    • 79,17 € In Stock
      665 LEATHER

      This new neoprene hood is already our best selling hood. A true form fitting hood with rear zip access will make this your favorite ! This hood is made to get wet with the nylon zipper all the way to the nylon snaps on the blindfold and mouth cover.

      79,17 €
    • 60,00 € In Stock
      665 LEATHER

      We took our already popular Neoprene Spyder Hood and added a custom neoprene Mohawk as well as added two new colors hoods. The red and the blue Neoprene have a lycra finish but the black is still our signiture smoothskin. One size fits all Machine wash with a mild detergent Air dry

      60,00 €
    • 49,17 € In Stock
      665 LEATHER

      A fully zipped 665 confinement hood with another open hood inside. Ideal for all bdsm games.

      49,17 €
    • 28,08 € 39,58 € Out of stock
      665 LEATHER

      A great cock-sucking hood made from our 2.0mm smoothskin Neoprene

      28,08 € 39,58 €
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    Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items
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