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    • 3,90 €

      For Men Seeking More Volume, Intensity, and Excitement Swiss Navy Max Size Cream may be used by those who have medical conditions that prevent them from using ingestibles.  A must for pumping lovers ! Swiss Navy Max Size Cream is a male enhancement topical formula that provides a unique transdermal delivery system for quick absorption and immediate...

      3,90 €
    • 8,30 €

      Swiss Navy Paraben and Glycerin Free Water Based Lubricant provides a silky smooth and non-sticky feeling that enhances intimacy. We are setting the standard with the finest ingredients and advanced formulas for an unforgettable experience that will make you feel exceptionally sexy. Available in 2oz & 4oz DIRECTIONS: Apply as desired to area to be...

      8,30 €
    • 11,90 €

      SWISS NAVY FLAVORS taste so real they seem too good to be lubes. We used a fortune 500 food company to formulate our flavors to ensure Swiss Navy Flavors would tastegenuinely like their name. All the flavors are paraben-free and sugar-free and are non-sticky. 6 Flavors 4oz bottle

      11,90 €
    • 16,60 €

      WARMING WATER BASED LUBE by SWISS NAVY The finest ingredients are blended into this advanced formula for exceptional glide and slickness. Pleasurable Warming Longest Lasting Easy Cleanup Latex Compatible 2 Sizes: 118ml - 59ml

      16,60 €
    • 4,80 €

      The perfect couples combination ! This unique water based formula has the ability to enhance and stimulate him, as well as arouse and satisfy her - for an amazing experience! Pleasure and sensation for both partners in one bottle Available in 3 sizes:  29ml/1oz - 59ml/2oz - 118ml/4oz

      4,80 €
    • 2,35 €

      Swiss navy all natural water base lubricant is incredibly silky feel with superb glide Glycerin, paraben, and sugar free Leak-proof bottle with locking pump5 sizes available: 20ml, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz and 16oz

      2,35 €
    • 6,90 €

      EASE INTO PROFITS WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY LUBRICANT Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lubricant provides the ultimate sexual satisfaction and enhance the pleasure of intercourse. This unscented silicone lubricant, with clove, eliminates discomfort ans is a must have for an exhilarating experience - Highest Grade Silicone - Relaxing lubricant with Clove - Long...

      6,90 €
    • 2,20 €

      Swiss Navy Water Based lubricant has a viscosity unlike any other water based lubricant. Swiss Navy Water Based comes out like a gel and liquefies with friction so it stays where you put it   Safe to use with condoms, toys, and ingestible during oral intimate play   Ergonomic “leak proof” bottle design with locking pump   Single-hand pump for easy...

      2,20 €
    • 2,60 €

      Ergonomic “leak proof” bottle design with locking pumpSingle-hand pump for easy one-handed application Truly long lasting lubrication with a velvety feel Silicone formula uses the highest grade on the market Hypo-allergenic/non-absorbable6 sizes available: 20ml, 59ml, 118ml, 237ml, 473ml & 946ml

      2,60 €
    • 24,40 €

      GREASE- Nothing is Impossible! No Pain No Gain. Our NEWAdvanced Premium Lubricant. Swiss Navy Grease is a rich slippery thick oil-based formula that stays where you put it. When using Grease, stretch-ability increases allowing for the deepest penetration possible resulting in more pleasurable and intense sexual play. This odorless product is not condom...

      24,40 €
    • 8,25 €

      Using an unclean toy is almost like unprotected sex.Without proper cleaning, a toy may become a breeding ground for things you don't want in your body. Using bleach or soap and water only goes so far. Ultimate cleansing Available in 177 ml pump bottle and convenient spray pen Easy to use.. Excellent at cleaning toys after silicone lubricant use Up to 50%...

      8,25 €
    Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items
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