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    • 34,17 € In Stock
      Mr. S Leather

      Silicone World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug (WMCBP)The World’s Most Comfortable Butt Plug (WMCBP) is truly the most comfortable butt plug you will ever wear. This classic design has been in our butt toy arsenal since 1997 and continues to be a customer favorite. For this newly updated rendition we’ve changed out the aluminum and rubber for a solid piece...

      34,17 €
    • 54,17 € In Stock
      Mr. S Leather

      Get that naked feeling while being covered just enough. The d-rings on this pouch attach to our Leather Hunter and Crossbow Harness styles so you get a sexy leather look while being next to naked. You can even use these with Hunter and Crossbow cockstraps so you get a nice tug on your meat with every step you take. Show off and still be street legal…...

      54,17 €
    • 124,17 € In Stock
      Mr. S Leather

      This is a versatile piece of gear that’s not only functional but is sexy as hell. The nylon belt holds three unique pouches so you’ve got a place for all of your stuff. The belt is super adjustable so it fits a wide range of sizes and closes with a heavy duty plastic clip so it’s nice and secure. Designed to be worn on the waist but also works across the...

      124,17 €
    • 58,29 € In Stock
      Mr. S Leather

      With this leather belted holster you decide how to wear it. Cut outs in the back allow you to slip it through a belt or a pair of suspenders. With the included strap you can cinch it down to your bicep, calf or boot. Includes a large snap pocket that easily fits your lube and poppers and a middle slide pocket that works perfectly for your phone. Never...

      58,29 €
    • 16,58 € In Stock
      Mr. S Leather

      Our neoprene department is working hard to make the gear that’s going to get you laid. We’re updating our materials and our techniques to create some truly stand out pieces that will do just that, make you stand out in the crowd. We’ve updated our armband design to include a vibrant color trim at both the top and the bottom of a smooth neoprene panel....

      16,58 €
    • 8,33 € In Stock
      Mr. S Leather

      Grab one of our replacement tongues for our Leather and Neoprene Woof! Muzzles and show off your own unique puppy style. These tongues attach to any of our WOOF! Muzzles that have a Velcro attachment. Tongues are machine washable so you can share your muzzle with another fun loving pup. COLORS Yellow Red

      8,33 €
    • 22,50 € In Stock
      Mr. S Leather

      Grab one of these replacement codpieces and completely change the look of your neoprene gear. We love these with our all black pieces that have codpieces so you get to decide if you want a pop of color to really draw guys into your cock. We only recommend these with our newer neoprene pieces that utilize the nylon/spandex trim.COLORS Black Red Blue...

      22,50 €
    • 63,33 € In Stock
      Mr. S Leather

      A jock and boots is a look you can never go wrong with. Unfortunately up until now it usually meant you needed to stuff your socks full with everything you needed for the night. Totally functional, but not the best look. Now, with our Jock Holster Harness you’ve got a place for everything you need.  This leather harness clips to your jock waistband and...

      63,33 €
    • 62,50 € In Stock
      Mr. S Leather

      Seems like all the hot guys at IML, Dore and Folsom have the same problem: What do you do with your phone, ID , credit cards and cash when you’re in the tight gear that gets us off. When you buy gear, you want your chest, ass and crotch on display. No one wants a bulge that’s not supposed to be there. Now you can get the solution we’ve been wearing around...

      62,50 €
    • 115,83 € In Stock
      Mr. S Leather

      These soft Garment Black Leather suspenders work with just about any pair of pants you might own. Jeans, Camos or Leather. They are 1 and 1/4 inches wide and very adjustable and have trigger snaps to connect to your belt loops. We have sold the narrow garment leather suspenders for many years and have now added these wider ones for a bolder look.  Made in...

      115,83 €
    • 51,67 € In Stock
      Mr. S Leather

      The puppy paw cutout with color leather underneath will show everyone what a happy pup you are. Four colors to choose from so you can let everyone see your unique puppy personality. 3 ½ inch wide garment leather with a single row of snaps. Comes in either a left or right version. Designed to be worn with the paw facing down. If you would rather have the...

      51,67 €
    • 30,00 € In Stock
      Mr. S Leather

      A 32" all-leather leash with a wrist strap and a strong metal trigger clip Made in San Francisco.*The photography is a suggestion of presentation of the product. The leash is sold alone.

      30,00 €
    • 19,13 € In Stock
      Mr. S Leather

      Nipple Sups have been one of our best selling Tit Toys for years... NOW they are available in a new larger size for those of you with bigger nipples to stretch. Increase and enhance your nipple sensitivity. These silicone cups produce a continual gentle sucking action, keeping the nipples fully extended and excited, providing hours of enjoyment. They are...

      19,13 €
    • 1 370,83 € In Stock
      Mr. S Leather

      Wrapped tightly in thick leather, you struggle to escape... knowing you'd really rather stay right where you are. No worries cause once you're put in a Mr. S Straitjacket your options are over, though you may not know it yet.  Sure it's soft, sure it's comfortable, but like all of our gear the "Essential Straitjacket" is made for hard and heavy use. If...

      1 370,83 €
    • 40,83 € In Stock
      Mr. S Leather

      For you guys who already own our piped Bulldog Harness and are just looking to get the additional cockstrap or all-around strap. If you don’t have our Bulldog Harness 2.0 yet please gohere where you will be able to purchase the harness as well as the additional straps you see here.With these additional straps, every step you take will have you thinking...

      40,83 €
    Showing 1 - 15 of 17 items
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