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    • 29,00 € In Stock

      A Neo Flex Cock and Ball Strap is a staple for any man’s top drawer. First, snap on the cock strap, then tug your nuts down and keep them down with the ball strap. This device is adjustable and gives just the right amount of tug to your balls while slightly lifting your whole package with the cock strap. Both of these features combined make a great bulge...

      29,00 €
    • 14,20 € In Stock

      Good news the price of the famous SPORTFUCKER neoprène rings has dropped 50% !! Made from soft neoprene these cockrings feel fantastic. Have you ever tried to glue neoprene ? It's a bloody nightmare to get it right. But it takes quite a lot of time so that's why they're not cheap.   You can't combine them with Crisco or other oils / fats, in the long...

      14,20 €
    • 26,10 € In Stock

      DOUBLE LAYER COCKRING 45MM BY 665 Made with a additional layer of Neoprene for a thick wall cockring that gets better with every use.Size is 1-3/4 Colour: Black

      26,10 €
    • 18,20 € In Stock

      The Neoprene Harness ring is like a wide cock ring that will hold a metal ring with its unique groove to keep the ring in place. This harness ring is a must when wearing a full harness. The leather straps that hold the cock ring on your full harness will no longer be irritating with the neoprene harness ring. 100 % neoprene inner diameter : 45 mm height :...

      18,20 €
    • 12,85 € In Stock

      Made from our popular 2mm Smoothskin neoprene. Ballstretcher or Cockring... 2,5cm width Safe with all lubricantsHi-Tech Plastic Snaps

      12,85 €
    • 13,90 € In Stock

      Now made with our popular 2mm Smoothskin neopreneAdjustable Safe with all lubricants Regular 3/4" width Hi-Tech Plastic Snaps 

      13,90 €
    Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

    Cockring Neoprene

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