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  • 33,25 €

    Get a deep clean with Sport Fucker's PowerShot Nozzle. Designed to fit with the Sport Fucker Shower Kit (or most commercially available shower hoses), this nozzle features new clean out technology. Best used with low pressure, one hole at the tip of the hose and four holes along the side complete with gutters help maintain constant flow. Made of our super...

    33,25 €
  • 19,96 €

    This anytime-anywhere douche is specifically made for those encounters when you don’t have time to fully prepare. The silicone nozzle comes with 2 threaded adapters that fit most water bottles. This must-have man on man tool is designed to fit in your back pocket for an on-the-go clean for those inopportune moments that you just can’t pass up. Forget...

    19,96 €
  • 12,42 €

    Black anal bulb douche in soft PVC Capacity: 350ml

    12,42 €
  • 33,33 €

    Bathmate Trimmer: a specially designed razor for your intimate areas ! In order to use the Bathmate Penis Pumps optimally, the best is to get rid of your pubic hair. If it is too hairy then the pump will simply not make an effective seal. The Bathmate intimate razor is delivered with a standard trimmer and 4 adjustable guide combs with 4 different lengths...

    33,33 €
  • 22,42 €

    New!XL Intime anal Douche with IN/OFF valve Silicon tube Premium Very long 23cm or very very long 38cm, is absolutely Perfect to prepare your anal penetration or Fist  Dark Grey Available in 2 Sizes: 19,5cm and 34cm Made in Europe

    22,42 €
  • 17,08 €

    New!XL Intime anal Douche - Silicon tube Premium Very long 19,5cm or very very long 34cm, is absolutely Perfect to prepare your anal penetration or Fist  Dark Grey Available in 2 Sizes: 19,5cm and 34cm Made in Europe

    17,08 €
  • 8,92 €

    Pack of 3 lube shooter disposable The perfect tool to inject  cream or butter lube   

    8,92 €
  • 24,75 €

    The Anal Irrigator BY Sportfucker is a long shower nozzle, made of super soft flexible silicone, and has a mushroom tip for deep easy cleaning. Hook it up and have a blast! The Nozzle is 38 cm (15 inch) long. Fits standard 3.8 cm (1.5 inch) threads.

    24,75 €
  • 20,00 €

    Clean out thoroughly and conveniently with an anal douche that is easy to use, travel with, and clean up after. A one-way valve reduces messy back-flow so that you can enjoy a stress-free enema experience. Whether you use it in preparation for anal sex, for health reasons, or simply because you like to feel squeaky clean, this bulb will take care of...

    20,00 €
  • 15,83 €

    This easy-to-use and convenient enema bulb is perfect for cleaning out in preparation anal sex, for health reasons, or simply because you enjoy a deeper clean sensation! Compact and discreet, this anal douche travels well for use on a trip, at the home of your partner, or wherever you go! The sturdy nozzle is thin and smooth for comfortable insertion....

    15,83 €
  • 41,33 €

    The ERGOFLO DIRECTOR anal douche by PERFECT FIT comes with a medical grade 9 oz. contoured bulb featuring air valve technology that reduces messy back-flow and requires fewer refills. Director comes with an 8”  silicone flex-tip nozzle, and a 3”  stowaway tip circumference    This enema kit is an FDA – registered medical device. Materials: made of...

    41,33 €
  • 35,08 €

    Our Sport Fucker Shower kit has everything you need to clean out. The Sport Fucker kit includes our custom made 6 ft. stainless-steel hose that puts all the other flimsy hoses on the market to shame. We also include our no-leak shower diverter that is 100% stainless steel. Last, we include your choice of nozzle from 6 inches up to 9" inches of Pure...

    35,08 €
  • 16,63 €

    The shower shot douche is a classic plumbing essential. This is an aluminium douche nozzle that attaches directly to your existing shower hose in place of the showerhead, just unscrew the head and replace with this when you have finished either leave it on, or change it back. The Shower Shot Douche also has its very own valve control to operate the flow...

    16,63 €
  • 2,33 € 4,67 € -50%

    ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST! WaterClean - On/Off is designed to be mounted between the shower hose and the anal shower head in order to control the pressure level of the water and turn to stream on and off. use for 1/2 inch thread

    2,33 € 4,67 € -50%
    Reduced price!
  • 11,58 €

    For those who want a quick and easy fix, the Anal Douche Enema Bulb is a great option. Simply insert fluid into bulb and item is ready for use. There is no mess to clean up or a bunch of items to put away. When done, simply rinse off and store away. Colour: Red

    11,58 €
Showing 1 - 15 of 23 items
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