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  • 23,00 €

    Variety is the spice of life and at Oxballs, we love introducing new nasty ways to play. 360 is our new two in one cockring and ballsling that’ll beef up your meat and have you blowin’ load after load.  If you’re a fan of our blubbery cockrings like HUNG or JUICY, you’re gonna love 360’s super soft, squishy design. The bottom has a thick rubbery base...

    23,00 €
  • 18,80 €

    Unique hourglass shape grips tighter in the middle where you want it most when stretching, but with a soft grip. 100% FLEX TPR The ends are thicker - wont dig or pinch. Inside are two thin raised rings that keep this stretcher where you put it. Colors: Silver, Black & Clear High: 4,8cm Inside diameter: 3,5cm Outside diameter: 4,8cm Safe with most...

    18,80 €
  • 13,20 €

    HOIST: TPR/TPE cockring & Ballstretcher 2 Toys in one! Wraps around just the base of your dick and the top of your ballsack, no extra thick rings or chunky made from a all new TPR/TPE blend that's stretches more and it feels more rubbery...HOIST fits big or slim dicks, it fits huge balls or high & tight nut-sacks... Colors: Clear & Smoke...

    13,20 €
  • 48,25 € 58,25 €

    The butt plug is attached to the cockring for extra pleasure. Super separation of the penis and scrotum while giving a bigger lift. Made from PF Blend (Silicone and TPR) for perfect stretch, comfort and durability. 2 Sizes:Small, black only: Ring diameter: 38mm Plug Diameter: 27mmLarge, black or clear: Ring diameter: 38mm Plug Diameter: 45mm

    48,25 € 58,25 €
    Reduced price!
  • 19,90 €

    3-WAY BY SPORTFUCKER The 3-Way by Sport Fucker is extremely versatile.Use it as a 3-Way cock, ball and shaft ring. Use it as a cockring with ball stretcher. Use it as an asslock, perfectly paired with our ball plug as shown. Made from super stretchy TPR rubber.

    19,90 €
  • 12,00 €

    Introduction discount to new comers in Ballstretching -40% til Jan 31st! The Slinger Ring by Sport Fucker is both a ball stretcher and a cock ring. It has a large footprint without a lot of mass. That means more stretch and flexibility for the well endowed male. 100% Super stretchy TRP rubber When used as a ball stretcher, made to fit guys with large...

    12,00 €
  • 9,65 €

    You gain two more square donuts with this expansion pack. Try buying a different color to create your own custom look. One expansion pack plus the original Boner Kit will give you four square donuts total. colors : blck-red-clear-silver

    9,65 €
  • 23,40 € 26,00 € -10%

    Check out this revolutionary design in six hot colors. Sport Fucker has done it again. This is not merely a cockring. It’s a complete Boner Kit! The stretchable TPR allows both square rings to stretch over your junk and firmly hold it in place. Each kit comes with one square cockring with an attached ball stretcher plus an additional loose ball stretcher....

    23,40 € 26,00 € -10%
    Reduced price!
  • 27,60 €

    UNIT-X STRETCH Cockring & ballstretcher By ATOMIC/OXBALLS A longer UNIT-X that gives more firm to your balls and allows you to play with . 3 colors :Black, Red and  Clear

    27,60 €
  • 26,50 €

      Z-BALLS for Atomic by Oxballs . Either a balsstretcheer shapped in Z, or a cockring or a cockring and ballstretcher, just squizze your things inside and play . • It's a SHOCK ABSORBER for your balls! • SPRING-like design for ALL DAY nut tug. • Does double duty as a cock ring. Lots of fun with this multiple use amazing news. 3 colors : smoke/red and...

    26,50 €
  • 15,26 € 17,95 € -15%

    TEMPORARY OUT OF STOCK !!! BACK END OF AUGUST  :-) Your next big adventure is here from SPORT FUCKER HALF PIPE is more than just a cockring its design is unique and groundbreaking. When you want to wear it on the go as an all-day cockring you can push all of your junk through the main opening. With the wide bottom it will push out your cock and create...

    15,26 € 17,95 € -15%
  • 62,75 €

    The new Sport Asslock with never seen before revolutionary features. The revoloutionary designed valve and pressure chamber, includes a removable hand pump that attaches to an inflatable ergonomically shaped pure silicone butt plug that can inflate over four times its size. The World Famous Sport Fucker Original Ring mounted at the shaft with the added...

    62,75 €
  • 24,30 €

    The new COCKSLING-2.0 in its new clampshell a new lowered price !! Stronger than silicone.... ! New clamp shell packaging and lower price!!! We had the all-new COCKSLING-2 at the store opening…the new design has more material in areas that get more stretch, we changed the FLEX-TRP to a new formula that is stronger but even more like silicone,...

    24,30 €
  • 23,20 €

    UNIT-X...The ultimate cocksling--just what you need, nothing you dont.   We designed the original COCKSLING three years ago, probably the best selling cock & ball toy ever...UNIT-X is the best parts of that design without all the bulk...built to fit closer to the base of your dick, higher on your ballsack. UNIT-X is from our new design boys at ATOMIC...

    23,20 €
  • 20,00 €

    Like the stretch of Flex TPR but miss the weight? Now you can have both with Skater Boyz rings. These are thick wide Donuts in the shape of a skateboard wheel. You can wear them as a Cockring also makes and amazing Ball Stretcher you can even stack them up. The weight is great to have back. Outer Diameter is 56mm Inner Diameter is 20mm Width 30mm

    20,00 €
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