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BUBBLES MAX nipsuckers

OXBALLS Suction cups


Oxballs Nipsuckers are nipple suckers made of high quality silicone.

BUBBLES MAX suction cups are large… perfect for deep sucking your nipples. They are rubbery, warm and plump.

The Oxballs trick: for maximum suction, before extracting air from the suction cups, wet the rim with a water-based lubricant or use a lip balm.


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Suction cups: BUBBLES MAX nipsuckers OXBALLS

Material: Pure Platinum Silicone

Made in the USA

Compatible with water-based (recommended) or hybrid lubricants.

Cleaning: detergent and hot water, dishwasher, bleach / diluted water solution. Let it air dry.


Height: 58 mm (2.25 ")

Width: 45 mm (1.75 ")

Length: 45 mm (1.75 ")

External circumference: 140 mm (5.5 ")

Outside diameter: 45 mm (1.75 ")

Internal circumference: 80mm (3.15 ")

Internal diameter: 26 mm (1 ")

Maximum interior depth: 49 mm (1.9 ")

Total weight of the pack of 2 suction cups: 100gr. (3.5 oz.)


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