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Pentyl Poppers

Pentyl Poppers: Powerful aromas

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Pentyl nitrite poppers is one of the most powerful poppers available in our gay sex shop. It is made with a special and particularly strong formula based on pentyl nitrite

Pentyl Poppers: What are they exactly ?

To build Pentyl nitrite poppers it takes achemical molecule obtained from a transformation of pentane. The modified pentane is then assembled with a nitrite base. It becomes volatile and can then be used in the making of poppers.

The Pentyl molecule is also called isopentyl nitrite. This molecule is part of the most powerful and strong poppers aromas. Stimulants that sex lovers appreciate!

Pentyle's Nitrite are used in the making of our best selling poppers in our gay shop: Jungle Juice Black Label. Rush also has a "Black Label" version.

Pentyl Poppers: How to use them?

It's a Poppers for sex lovers with experience. It provides greater excitement during sex and is very much apreciated when fisting.

Stronger in a different way than Propyl (isopropyl) the high is quick and intense and short.

If you have a heart condition you should never use poppers. Mixing poppers with sexual stimulants  or pills can lead to a heart attack, Alcohol is not recommended either