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The male sex toy for the balls: the ballstretcher

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The BALLSTRETCHER is a male sex toy for the balls that opens up new perspectives in terms of sensations. You know it and you probably already enjoy playing with your balls or those of your partners, so why not try a ball stretcher ? This sex accessory puts the balls forward, which is really exciting. It also allows them to be worked and stretched to have very heavy balls that hang down. The ballstretcher also increases the sensations tenfold because it makes your balls more sensitive. To be used alone or during the sexual act, this sextoys becomes a must-have for lovers of sex between guys. It is often a complementary product to the use of a cock ring.

Dark-Ink offers you on its online gay sex shop all models of Ballstretchers, from the simplest in Tpr, steel or silicone to the most ergonomic and design. Also discover our fantastic DARK-LINE METAL magnetic ballstretchers. They have become THE benchmark for those who like to play with their balls.