Gay shopping: Le Marais the gay district in Paris

You probably think that all gay sex shops in Paris</ span> are located in the Marais district. Indeed there was a good time, the 80s when the Marais concentrated a large number of boutiques and businesses where gays did their shopping. Sex shop, specialized bookstores, bars, sex club; this mecca of Gay and LGBTQIA+ culture in Paris was a very lively place. Lively were also the basements, the backrooms in which homosexual men often met that same afternoon in the capital's urinals.

Dark-Ink Shopping Gay is not in the Marais

Indeed, the Team specializes in Hard gay shopping , Fetish and Bdsm is not located in the Gay district of Marais. Don't try to buy a dildo, poppers or a jockstrap in the Marais since our premises are located on the banks of the Saint-Martin canal, a few minutes from the Place de la République. It is therefore from the Quai de Jemmapes that your orders placed on the online sex shop are shipped. However, whenever we have the opportunity, it is not uncommon to come across certain members of the team walking along rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie or rue des Archives, having a coffee or doing some exercise. shopping.

Dark-Ink versus Boxxman

Boxxman is our friends! This cruising sex shop has become in just a few years the essential place for gay shopping in Paris. You will find all the fetish products, accessories, sex toys, clothing and underwear that we offer on our site. Located just at the entrance to the capital's Gay district, this place brings together a vast gay sexshop on two floors and the backroom most appreciated by the hottest guys in Paris, cruising enthusiasts. So if the premises of are a little out of the gay shops Rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie, Boxxman is well located in the Halles district of Paris.

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