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Amyl Nitrite Poppers: Strong Formula and intense aroma

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What is amyl nitrite ?

What is known in chemistry as amyl or isoamyl nitrite is firstly a molecule composed of several atoms belonging to the family of alkyl nitrites. This molecule is volatile just like most poppers compound. It is used in medicine as a vasodilator and it is for these properties that it is also used and especially in festive and gay environments.

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Amyl nitrite poppers, what effects does its "aroma" produce ?

We will discuss here the effects of amyl poppers on the body when using this aroma.
No matter what catching practice you have, the effects will be:
- A sensation of almost immediate warmth
- An acceleration of the heart rate. This acceleration has no risk if you are healthy (see our warning below)

The effects of gay poppers depend of course on the person who takes the product. The reactions may be different for different consumers.

Why choose amyle poppers ?

The amyl nitrite poppers are well known, especially in the gay party scene. It is one of the essentials that every good clubber must have in his bag during a party. A lot of Gay people also walk around the sauna with their bottle of Poppers on them.

The best known at the moment is the PIG BLACK with immediate and powerful effects.
You can also try the REAL POPPERS D'AMYLE made in France and which is a must for purists.

The evening effects of amyl nitrite

In all circumstances, the amyl nitrite poppers will allow you to:

  • to feel at ease, it increases the confidence in being
  • to dishonor you. Perfect to dare to exceed your limits
  • The amyl poppers often cause a state of euphoria.
  • to let go sexually (perfect for penetration or fisting, it allows a large anal dilation)

People who have heart problems or poor heart rate should not use pentyl nitrite poppers. It is also better not to use poppers. Be that as it may, always avoid associating poppers or other sexual stimulants with alcohol.