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Hankeys Toys Sextoys

Mr Hankey's Toys realistic dildos and silicone sex toys

Mr Hankey's Toys is an American brand of sex toys. Hankey's Toys are known for making large, realistic dildos from high quality silicone. If you want to buy a realistic XXL and extraordinary dildo on a gay sex shop, you have surely come to the right place in our gay hard shop.

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The biggest realistic silicone dildo

At Hankey's it's all about giving, and they firmly believe in “The More, The Merrier".

Dark-Ink gay online sex-shop offers the internet’s finest sex toys and dildos, and Hankey’s Toys got the goods to prove it. From extra small to giant dildos, realistic or fantastic, you’re bound to find something new to reinvigorate your sex life with. Thrill your partner in mind-blowing ways with realistic dildos or explore the truly exotic. They got the goods in a wide range of sizes to pleasure all bodies.

Dark-Ink gay sex-shop is the only sex-shop in Europe to offer such a wide choice of Hankey's big realistic dildos.

Mister Hankey creates the best realistic dildos on the market, modeled after real porn celebs, and life-cast so it’s almost like the real thing. Made from 100% safe platinum silicone to ensure that your new special friend is safe, long-lasting, and above all, perfect for whatever tickles your fancy. They use only the highest-performing grades of silicone in our toys, all of them extensively tested to prevent irritation and skin sensitization. Hankey's Toys offer toys ranging from the tried-and-true realistic dildo, to giant and extreme dildos and fantasy-inspired sex toys. If you’ve ever wondered about “out of this world” fun, Hankey’s Toys can help.

How about Firmness ?

At Dark-Ink we've tested and re-tested Hankeys giant toys. And we've come to this conclusion :

We prefer and recommand "75% Soft". This level of firmness is like a 75-80% hard penis ; still a little soft but fully functional and, depending on user experiences, a little more "realistic" feeling.

Last but not least Hankey's Toys need loads of lube. They love FistPowder, so slippery and absolutely harmless to your precious friends.