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Mr Hankey's Toys realistic dildos and silicone sex toys

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Mr HANKEY'S TOYS dildos and sextoys are made of very high quality silicone. They are molded from the penises of actors. The strength of the American brand of male sex toys Hankey's Toys is to offer all dildos in several sizes up to the XXXL penis. Big ultra realistic penises, massive and heavy, with impressive details. Dark-Ink gay sex shop is the only sex shop in Europe to offer the widest choice of big realistic Hankey dildos.

XXL sextoys for lovers of strong anal sensations !

It is the hallmark of HANKEY'S TOYS. Make silicone penis variations in XXXL formats for the most enduring guys. All dildo models range from the original size (reproduced from a realistic cast of a porn actor's penis) to sizes M, L, XL, XXL and even XXXL. Oversized male sex accessories that will suit the most seasoned and greedy users perfectly.

About the firmness of Hankey's Toys sextoys and dildos

All Hankeys Toys are made from very high quality silicones. This high performance silicone is tested according to ISO 10993-10 standards for skin irritation and sensitization. Hankey's Toys are odorless, 100% skin-safe and will not shrink over time or melt when placed in contact with other sex accessories.

Hankey's Toys offers the ideal level of firmness. The "Medium Firm" firmness ensures Mr Hankeys Toys sextoys a perfect support comparable to that of an erect penis. The "75% Soft" firmness level is slightly softer and softer to the touch.

  • The level of firmness "Medium Firm" is firm but not too much, it reproduces the firmness of a fully erected penis. Hard and very firm!
  • The "75% Soft" firmness level is softer. This level of firmness is more like a 75-80% hard penis; still a little soft but fully functional and, depending on user experiences, a little more "realistic" feeling.

For optimal use of your sex toys, remember to order the appropriate amount of lubricant!