J-lube powder has been used for years and has a devoted following. BUT...we strongly recommend that you consider our new FIST Powder. Like J-lube, it is super concentrated and ultra slick. Unlike J-lube, FIST powder has been designed for for HUMAN use and is certified safe. As an added bonus, FIST has a special formula that means it is NEVER stringy. Unlike J-lube, which can be difficult to clean up, FIST cleans up with water and never stains.

As a convenience to our customers, we continue to offer J-lube. Explore the new FISTPOWDER using the link below.

This container will make up to 5 gallons of lube.

Clean up requires that you sprinkle salt to decompose it.

Ingredients: Polyethylene polymer, dispering agent.

22,45 € tax incl.

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