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Creators of the original Neo Puppy Hood Mr S Leather is back at it with its newest rendition – the Neo K9 Hood. This new version features amped up details including a more realistic nose and ear design.  They also included some of the features you love from our original version like moldable ears and removable muzzle.  We’re really proud of all the hard work their team put in designing this hood, and we know it’s one you’re going to love wearing !

Neo K9 Hood comes in 16 stock colors, so you can find the hood that matches your puppy personality perfectly.  Same great fit as the original.  Just slip this super comfy hood over your head you’ll immediately be transformed into a playful puppy.

Ultra Detailed Neoprene Fetish Puppy Hoods

A metal backbone in the ears allow you to shape your ears to show everyone whether you’re in a playful or alert mood. When things heat up, the muzzle can be unsnapped and removed, so you can get some air but still stay in pup mode.

They included a loop at the base of the hood, so you can attach your hood directly to you with a carabiner, so it’s always close even when you aren’t wearing it !