Silicone ballstretcher OXBALLS
  • Silicone ballstretcher OXBALLS
  • Silicone ballstretcher OXBALLS
  • Silicone ballstretcher OXBALLS
  • Silicone ballstretcher OXBALLS
  • Silicone ballstretcher OXBALLS
  • Silicone ballstretcher OXBALLS
  • Silicone ballstretcher OXBALLS

Ballbender nut-hugging cockring

Silicone ballstretcher OXBALLS


BALLBENDER--small profile, but BIG results…in super soft squishy silicone.

BALLBENDER cups your ballsack and lifts it, pushes it up and out for a bigger bulge…wear it around your balls and it looks like a small ballstretcher ring from the front--but underneath it lifts up your nuts, kinda like when you wrap your hand around your ballsack and lift em up and out…making small ball-sacks look bigger…and big balls obscene.

Wear it for play--it’s not too bulky and it’s made of our squishiest silicone so it feels amazing on…or wear it under gear for a bigger bulge, and non-stop nut-hugging & tugging on your sack.  It keeps your balls out in front, (most ballstretchers push your balls back between your legs)--a perfect toy to keep those nuts OUT & PROUD for CBT play, or balls-to-butt slappin’ fucking!

Silicone is our favorite material for ballstretchers, Oxballs is the only company making cock-toys in the pure platinum super soft silicone…lube up BALLBENDER and slip your balls through the ring with the widest part under behind your sack…it molds to your bag and feels amazing on…it has ridges inside to keep the silicone firm enough to push you out, but soft enough you forget its on.

Silicone doesn’t irritate skin, (it is the safest, purest, highest quality material available), and can be worn longer than any other soft material…it feels better longer…that’s why we sell more silicone cock-toys than any other type…

This is a easy to wear ballstretcher, good for beginners with small ball-sacks or freaky huge nut-bags…fits most comfortably,

Color: Black

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Shipped from Dark-Ink Paris


Total Length:  2” ( 5.08cm) , 5/8” on the lower side.

Total diameter:  2.25' ( 5.71cm)

Inside Diameter: 1 1/8”( 30.04cm)

Weigth:  2.25 oz. (63 gr)

Made in USA…design copyright OXBALLS.  Pure Platinum Cure Silicone
Lube safe:  water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes
Cleaning:  always wash lube sweat piss and cum off stretchy toys after you play, your toy will last longer, and hey, its just more sanitary…wash silicone toys in detergent and hot water, dishwasher, or soak in 5% bleach-water solution if you wanna sanitize



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Ballbender nut-hugging cockring
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