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  • Anal lubricant
  • Anal lubricant

Elbow Grease H2O Thin Gel

ELBOW GREASE Anal lubricant


ELBOW GREASE H2O GEL was introduced back in 1982.  The market demanded water based lubricants which could be used with condoms, and ELBOW GREASE created this wonderful thick and viscous gel lubricant.  The THICK GEL quickly became a favourite, and continues to be a best seller to this day.


Anal lubricant: Elbow Grease H2O Thin Gel ELBOW GREASE

ELBOW GREASE H2O THIN GEL has been formualted for those who prefer a thinner lighter version.  It'll still give you long-lasting lubrication, but with a natural texture.  THICKER is not always better, at least not when it comes to GELS!

Latex friendly.

4 Sizes: 10ml -73ml - 250ml - 473ml


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