Sperm Stopper Full Stop


Discover the orgasmic results of simultaneous urethral and glans stimulation with the ZE FULL STOP Sperm Stopper. Designed to delay ejaculation, enhance erections and prolong pleasure for a whole new dimension to sex, foreplay and masturbation. 

Slip the ring on while flaccid and position the ball-shaped hinge so it's on the underside of your penis, resting against the frenulum. Once in the right position, place the ball inside your urethra and enjoy waves of full body tingles that bring you closer and closer to climax. 

While the ring rubs against your glans and frenulum, the smooth ball stimulates ultra sensitive nerve endings just inside of your urethra for out-of-this-world arousal and satisfaction. 

Always use a sterile lubricant when inserting anything into your urethra.

  • Designed for orgasm denial, enhanced erections and prolonged play
  • Suitable for autoclave cleaning for 100% sterile play

These give the penis a hard firm head and are great for cock bondage. The ring measures 3.5mm thick and the ball that is on the ring measures 8mm, while the ball that goes into your penis measures 7mm. From the base of the hinged ball to the center of the curve measures 27mm. From the curve to the base of the 7mm ball measures 27mm. All Measurements are the same, except the Diameter of the Frenum Glans Ring. You get to pick this size.

Available in:

  • 25mm
  • 28mm
  • 30mm
  • 32mm

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