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Mister B Double FF Neon Fist Lube


Mr. B's Fist-Fucking Lubricant: Double FF Neon

Double FF Neo is more than just a sexual lubricant, it's a captivating visual experience. Its innovative formula reacts under UV light, creating a fluorescent glow that transforms your intimate moments into a true work of erotic art. Whether you indulge in sensual games at home or are looking to spice up your cruising outings in a gay club like Boxxman in Paris for example, this lubricant guarantees you a luminous and exciting experience.

Extreme sliding for experienced guys but not only...

Double FF Neo embodies the quintessence of pleasure and originality. Carefully designed to suit the most experienced users, it offers perfect and durable glide, allowing you to explore new horizons such as Fist Fucking but with a new touch of Fun.

Fucks between guys, more fun and originality !

With Double FF Neo, every intimate moment becomes an exciting adventure full of fun. Its playful and fun nature allows you to explore your deepest fantasies with complete confidence. Whether you are looking for new sensations or want to intensify your cruising club sex with a product that adds a touch of spice to your sexuality, this lubricant is there to meet your desires.

In conclusion, Mr. B's Double FF Neo is much more than just a sexual lubricant. It is an invitation to originality. Whether you want to shine under the UV spotlight or simply add a touch of Fun, this lubricant offers you a unique and thrilling experience. Don't hesitate any longer, add fun and brightness to your hardest fucks with the new Double FF Neo lubricant from Mister B.

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