The FP Company

FistPowder, the organic powder lubricant

Resulting from years of research development and testing by The FP Company, FistPowder, has an exclusive formula and is a true disruption in intimate and sexual lubrication. 

First "DIY" powder lubricant made for human beings, you prepare it yourself according to your needs. Based on an organic formula, this lubricant is absolutely safe for the body and user's mucous membranes. With an extremely strong "sliding" power, it's a must for those into Fist Fucking but also amazing for every kind of sexual game. It is condoms compatible and sex toys friendly.

No wonder it's Hankey's Toys favorite when it comes to play with their XXL silicone dildos.

FistPowder VS J-Lube

With an organic formula, FistPowder is 100% Safe! Unlike J-lube, a veterinary lubricant, FistPowder is harmless for your body and is best friend with your leather, rubber, neoprene and environment:

  • Not stingy, no annoying filaments
  • No preservative or risky ingredient
  • Leaves no oily marks on your sheets or clothes
  • Washes away in 3 seconds
  • Compatible with condoms and all sex-toys
  • Very economical !

Today THE FP COMPANY gives access to the lubricating power of FISTPOWDER to all users and all sexual sensitivities by introducing two new lubricant products, FUCKPOWDER and LUSTPOWDER. Both formulas are available in bottles of 90Gr. 

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