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Neoprene Sensory hood

Hood & Mask Mr-S-Leather


There is nothing like that anonymous feeling while sucking a hot cock or getting fucked. Once someone gets you in this hood, you’re going to want to get your face covered in spit, cum, piss and lube. Clean-up is a cinch. 

The Neoprene Sensory Hood lets you be completely covered up: mouth and eye holes snapped closed or partially open: eyes unsnapped, looking up at your captor, mouth snapped closed/eyes snapped shut, mouth open to receive any cock in the room anonymously. 

Black eyelets in the nose let you breathe easy even with sucking the tongue out of a guy’s mouth or having his huge cock or hot ass in your face. Two and a half inch mouth opening stretches to five inches to make cock sucking easy. Two inch eye openings let you communicate expression. Fuck! We love to see a tear fall from a hooded man’s eyes from sucking huge dick. 

All snaps are reinforced –two on the eye covering/four on the mouth covering. You can slap a guy around and rip off the coverings when you’re ready to take your scene to the next level. 

Seven and a half inch zippered opening in the back makes this hood easy to put on and take off. The neck stays down where it needs to be thanks to double layered hem.
Size: L

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Brow Measurement: Measure just above the eyebrow going behind the head in as straight a line as possible. 
Neck Measurement: Standard "collar fit" measurement just below Adam's apple.


  • Size Medium
  • Neck Size (up to 16.5 inches)
  • Brow Size (up to 23.5 inches)
  • Size Large
  • Neck Size (up to 18.5 inches)
  • Brow Size (up to 25.5 inches)

*The photography is a suggestion of presentation of the product. Neoprene shorts suit sold separately.


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Neoprene Sensory hood