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FistPowder® Powder lubricant 65g

Powder lubricant The FP Company


Get ready for a wild ride with FistPowder® – the all-natural, transparent, odorless and edible gel that will take your intimate play to the next level! With an exceptional long-lasting glide and a unique touch, FistPowder® is the preferred lube of Hankey's toys.

No more allergies, no more intolerances. Made of natural ingredients and free of preservatives, FistPowder® is hypoallergenic and deliciously lickable. So leave the veterinary products to the animals and forget about messy packages, sticky fluids, and hours of cleaning up after. With FistPowder®, you can play longer and use more gel, hassle-free.

And the best part? It's so easy to prepare! Simply measure 7 to 14 grams of FistPowder® with the cap, pour 300ml of hot water into a container or mixer, and shake vigorously until you get a uniform gel. Regenerate it with water and play with its thickness by adding or reducing the amount of powder. For a thicker gel, use up to 14 grams – perfect for fisting, pumping, and more.

Not only is FistPowder® gentle on your skin and your toys, but it's also environmentally friendly. It's water-based and an excellent conductor for electrostimulation, so you can spice up your playtime with some extra shocks. And if you're into pumping, its pure and non-greasy formula is ideal for your acrylic cylinders, providing you with the utmost comfort.

And when the fun is over, FistPowder® rinses off in seconds, leaving your skin silky and smooth, without any residue or stains. It's compatible with condoms, latex, silicone, and rubber, and can be stored in the fridge for 2 to 3 days.

So why settle for boring lubricants when you can have a natural, hypoallergenic, and delicious gel that's easy to prepare and use? Get your FistPowder® now and let the fun begin!


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FistPowder® Powder lubricant 65g