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WOOF Puppy Hood Leather

Hoods / Masks Mr-S-Leather


If your dog or pup spirit is still hidden deep inside of you and you want to give yourself a chance to 'let the dogs out', strap on our new Mr. S Dog Muzzle.

Transformative in its look and feel, our favorite aspect of this muzzle is the fact that the wearer can move the mouth up and down just by biting onto the covered brace that goes inside your mouth. This makes it actually an extension of your own tongue. Since we all know that dogs can't talk, this also acts like a gag, muffling any sounds your pup may want to utter, but allowing him to move his dog jaws. Really cool looking. Adjustable straps over the top and around back make it so that this muzzle will fit almost any sized K-9. Every pup who has come into the store and put this on has gone into puppy mode just from trying it on. The ones who pissed on the carpet were severely disciplined. One of our favorite new puppy play pieces of gear. Designed and made in the Mr. S workshops in S.F. 

We’ve recently updated our Leather Woof Muzzle so you pups can show off your quirky, fun side. Instead of riveting down the red neoprene tongue we’ve used velcro to attach it. This means you can show your happy “I’ve had a lot of fun romping around” side with an extra long tongue. Or, show off your super fun puppy personality with your tongue hanging out to the side. Best of all, you can throw the tongue in the washer so it’s clean and ready to go for your next puppy mosh pit. WOOOOF! 


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WOOF Puppy Hood Leather