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Gripper Nipple Suckers

Nipple suckers OXBALLS

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At OXBALLS, there's few things we love more than seeing a pair of meaty nips straining in a stud's shirt. We know what we're talkin' about when it comes to tit play and if you're the kinda guy who can't get enough attention to your nips, have we got the toy for you.

Our GRIPPER nipple suckers are a take on classic snakebites...but designed solely for hungry hog teats.

These fuckers are made of our signature FLEXtpr but still firm enough to give you some serious nip plumpin' and pullin'. Each pair is topped with a small handle perfect for tugging, flicking, or any other tit torture you might have in mind.

Not to mention, each sucker is complete with macho faux diamond plate detailing (cuz after all, we are ALL about the details).

To apply, simply wet the bottom of each sucker (we recommend spit but hey, we don't judge), squeeze out the air, stick 'em on your tits and enjoy the nasty nursin' sensation. For the real nipple pigs out there...we recommend one of our clear colors so you can watch the progress of those swellin' man udders in real time.

And for some real nasty vacuum suction, Ox (our resident nipple pig) recommends greasing the opening of each sucker with old school waxy chapstick. It's cheap, easy and will make your tit pumping even more effective.

Color: Clear

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Take your nip-play to new heights with the new two-pack GRIPPER nipple suckers from OXBALLS.

GRIPPER creates a vacuum seal that sucks and stimulates for bigger, more sensitive nipples with use. Our signature FLEXtpr is soft and rubbery to the touch, but still firm enough to create some serious sucking.

    Sold in pairs
    Designed after traditional "snake bite" nipple suckers
    Made from our new strong, stretchy FLEXtpr
    Creates a sucking sensation and can increase sensitivity with use
    Each sucker is topped with a convenient handle for tugging or weights


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Gripper Nipple Suckers