Natural aphrodisiac mensize xl 60 caps 15489
  • Natural aphrodisiac mensize xl 60 caps 15489 1

Natural aphrodisiac mensize xl 60 caps

Sexual Stimulants Labophyto


MenSize XL is a new natural complex that increases the volume of your erection and reinforce your masculinity


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This product is based on plant extracts, vitamins and trace elements:

Lovage provides you sexual energy and improves potency

  • Ginseng helps to initiate and improve erection
  • Black pepper promotes blood flow through small blood vessels and capillaries
  • Melilotus for better circulation of the blood in the microvessels
  • Boswellia supports sexual energy
  • Tribulus increases the drive and sexual performance
  • Vitamin C for a normal collagen production. for good vessels function and to ensure the normal function of the skin
  • Zinc helps maintain a normal testosterone level in the blood
  • Selenium contributes to normal spermatogenesis

How does MenSize XL work ?

MenSize XL stimulate the blood circulation in the blood vessels and increase the erection. It also affects the quality and size of the erection, as well as the sexual energy.

For whom is MenSize XL suitable ?

MenSize XL is ideal for men who want to improve the size and hardness of their erections.


For a cure: 2 capsules per day with a large glass of water, preferably in the morning.
For a quick effect: 3-4 capsules about 1 hour before sexual activities, with water.
For more efficiency: without alcohol and on empty stomach
Do not exceed 8 capsules every 48 hours.

Natural aphrodisiac mensize xl 60 caps